RecruitingAnimal: James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni – Corporate Alumni Management Platform

by Community Admin in In The News   |    Last Edited: 10th April 2020

Learn how some of the world’s leading organizations fill up to 20% of their open requisitions in half the time by engaging their Alumni. 80% of your former employees would return to your organization, 25% regret leaving. Surely you should start using this talent pool before looking for strangers on the internet? 

Based in Toronto, the Recruiting Animal worked as a busboy and taxi driver before drifting into recruiting.

In January 2004, he co-founded the Canadian Headhunter blog. In April 2005, he became a partner in

In April 2006, he founded the Recruiting Animal blog, then, in March 2007, he started The Recruiting Animal Show, the first online call-in show about recruiting in world history.

He is the author of Blast Your Way In – A Job Hunting Guide For Dynamic Professionals (unpublished) and Reach Out In The Darkness: Resume Tips for The Unskilled (in progress).

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