Community, Culture & Customer Success

by Philip Sanford in In The News   |    Last Edited: 12th July 2021

I’m excited to be joining EnterpriseAlumni, and even more so to begin helping our customers make meaningful impacts in launching, maintaining, and enhancing their alumni communities. This is an exciting time of growth not only for EnterpriseAlumni but the corporate alumni industry overall.  

Community matters, so communities matter. Maybe now more than ever. A sense of community can manifest in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and I think organizations, companies, and brands that are committed to fostering a sense of belonging for former employees, students, and members should be commended. Commended and guided by partners like EnterpriseAlumni; partners with expertise and knowledge of the ins & outs and ups & downs of the territory.

Alumni communities are centered on culture; the commonality of that “it factor” that members experienced while “on the inside.” The stronger an organization’s culture within, the more successful their alumni community will be. But as we know, culture is not a one-size-fits-all mantra that can be installed by execs and HR teams, it is a spirit that comes from the people, coursing throughout and within the organization.

It’s an alumni community manager’s job to try and identify what that culture is, but it’s our job to help turn that into something tangible and replicated through online and in-person experiences. In turn, a vibrant alumni community becomes an extension of your organization and its goals. Alumni communities serve as pre-vetted talent pools of highly qualified rehire candidates, as well as armies of brand ambassadors; potential customers of any consumer services you may have, and trusted referral sources for other business development opportunities.

In organizing a team focused on customer success, EnterpriseAlumni is positioning ourselves to help meet the needs of any customer no matter where they are in their efforts of offering a formal alumni community.  

  • Strategy expertise: what it takes to get the internal buy-in to kick things off, and where best to dedicate time, energy, and resources to make the most for your alumni. 
  • Product and design: our best-in-class white label software helps automate features and functions, so you can focus on the big picture. 
  • A community for communities: our customers and leaders have seen it all and have been where you are (and where you want to go). We’ll help you tap into our existing community of alumni program managers, where you’ll learn from mistakes and leverage best practices.  
  • Support: sometimes things happen, sometimes deadlines move, and sometimes change is necessary. Our team is committed to one thing: your success. Whether it’s a minor improvement or a major program shift, you’ll know where to turn for help and solutions.  

I look forward to connecting with you, learning more about your programs and building something amazing together.