Our Customers Are Our Tribe – The Alumni Community

by Community Admin in In The News   |    Last Edited: 22nd March 2019


Much has been written about tribes and pack behavior in the context of business.

Your network is your net worth. Who you mix with impacts your personal and professional career path. Why surrounding yourself with people you have a lot in common with and connect with can catalyze and enhance your journey.

Books have been written on the subject by the great and the good. In The Alliance, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman talks about how the old model of a guaranteed lifelong job no longer exists and how that impacts the employer-employee relationship. The book advocates thinking of your employees as allies. Recruiting talent who have career aspirations and goals that align with those of your company and putting heart and creativity into your talent management strategy. Making your employees your tribe.

In Give and Take, Wharton’s top-rated professor Adam Grant talks about how for generations, we have focused on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. His premise is that in today’s world, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others and why being generous and giving may be the secret to getting ahead.

This advice, to help employees get the most out of their jobs, promotes the human side of productivity and efficiency. Give unconditionally and it will lead to receiving; Kindness is a contributor to success; Supporting your tribe drives the employee/employer relationship.

These concepts are, however, not the sole domain of individuals. This ethos of collaboration and inclusion is at the heart of our alumni product. Staying in touch, giving unconditionally, mixing with people who resonate with whom you have shared history, values, experiences or insights.

And these concepts apply to companies too. Companies like ours; and the companies we are proud to call our customers. We consider our customers to be part of our tribe as much as our peers, employees, and friends we mix with and work with. They are our allies and we believe that in over delivering, we will ultimately receive and enjoy a mutually fruitful relationship.

Last week we shared the news that Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline, has successfully deployed our alumni solution. Patrick F. Poetzsch, Director of Lufthansa’s Alumni Program, shared insight into why.

“The HR world is changing. It is becoming increasingly digital, agile, and is no longer about employment for life but rather the lifecycle of employment. Our new Alumni Platform is a strong signal that Lufthansa not only accepts but embraces this change of culture. EnterpriseJungle’s platform strongly supports us in strengthening our relationships with our former employees.”

Lufthansa embraces and understands the value of fostering a meaningful relationship with their Alumni. In sharing their appreciation of our alumni product, they are not only consuming technology but they are also supporting those innovators creating it.

Working with companies who trust your product, who support your journey and who are happy to publicly share that is evidence that more human business practices lead to mutual success. And we at EnterpriseJungle are pleased to embrace and support that – with customers like Lufthansa by our side.