Four Reasons to Invest in a Corporate Alumni Network

by Community Admin in In The News   |    Last Edited: 22nd March 2019

In September 2014 as a follow up to his book “The Alliance” Reid Hoffman shares why creating a corporate alumni network will strengthen a companies recruiting and talent brand, network intelligence gathering and customer referrals.

Similar to Jill Rowley who talks about “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” both recognize the tremendous value in engaging an Alumni Network.

Lifetime employment might be over, but a lifetime relationship remains the ideal, and as the alumni of PayPal know better than anyone, it can be extremely valuable. Unlike the free agency model, the alliance can and should persist even after an employee’s final tour of duty. Typically, both company and employee aren’t getting as much as they could from a strong corporate alumni relationship. As you’ll see, despite evidence of pent-up demand for stronger alumni re­lationships, few companies have a good strategy for maintaining a relationship with former employees. Conversely, few of the alumni themselves realize how helpful a former employer can be to their career.

Establishing a corporate alumni network, which requires relatively little investment, is the next logi­cal step in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, mutual investment, and mutual benefit in an era where lifetime employment is no longer the norm.

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