Extending SuccessFactors : Accenture & EnterpriseAlumni

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Join Tobias Block of Accenture Technology & James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni as they introduce the concept of SAP SuccessFactors extensions and how partners globally are delivering last mile solutions to SAP customers enabling them to take advantage of niche software vendors to complement their existing HR investments.

SuccessFactors extensions enable organizations to buy pre-integrated applications that work natively with SuccessFactors, enables PII data to never leave the customer system and have unified support delivered by SAP.

EnterpriseAlumni & Accenture Technology are the global leaders in providing out of the box SuccessFactors extensions requiring no “implementation”.

Introducing The Partners

  • Accenture HCM Technology Suite
  • EnterpriseAlumni Corporate Alumni Platform

Debunking Myths

What does it mean to be a SuccessFactors extension?

  • Does it take long to install?
  • How many commas in the price?
  • How does support work?
  • What about data privacy & EU requirements?
  • What about SF Releases?
    and all the conversations we have with customers on a daily basis!

Delivering Customer Success

How extensions are working for customers today.

  • Examples of implementations
  • Use cases, the speed of implementation, challenges


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