The Coca-Cola Alumni Community Story

by James Sinclair in In The News   |    Last Edited: 01st July 2021

When Rebecca Cedrone, VP at Coca-Cola was looking to launch an Alumni Community to engage the global community of former Coca Cola employees around the world, she partnered with EnterpriseAlumni.

The Coca-Cola Alumni Community needed an enterprise level solution that could meet the internal security, integration and compliance controls required for a global platform and deliver the Alumni Community an exceptional experience. A platform that could enable adaptive compliance based on geographic region, pre-built connectors to both Workday and Adobe Experience Manager and a suite of functional capabilities for Coca-Cola to understand, segment, report and engage with their Alumni.

EnterpriseAlumni provides us a scalable platform to engage with and manage critical aspects of our Alumni Community:

Working with the EnterpriseAlumni Team & Employee Experience Consultancy Xplor, Coca-Cola built a strategy for understanding their Alumni Population, the needs and values of Alumni globally and a phased approach to consistently iterate the offering.

The initial launch focused on six key Alumni Personas:

The team continued to build a strategy based on both organizational benefits tied to the Alumni Experience alongside a suite of offerings to drive continued engagement:

The Coca-Cola Alumni Community launched November 2020. If you would like to learn more about how EnterpriseAlumni delivered the platform and strategy to execute a successful global program for their former employees, please get in touch.