No Code Integration: EnterpriseAlumni x Salesforce x Microsoft Teams

by Alumni Content in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 03rd April 2021

The EnterpriseAlumni Platform is built with extensibility and integration at its core, enabling out the box delivery of three core functions:

  • No Code Integrations into 200+ applications
  • Universal Platform Connector to additional applications
  • Suite of computational functions to create rules, workflows or integration based business logic

Most EnterpriseAlumni integrations can be built and delivered within a 1hr period.

Template Salesforce Alumni Integration

Integration Story: When a new user joins the EnterpriseAlumni Platform, it should interrogate the Salesforce “contacts” to find a match (a match requires last name, email and a unique ID to all match). If a match is found, update the record, if a match is not found, check for company name (account), if not found, create company and then create contact. In both scenarios add a flag and the EA CRM ID of the Alumni User. If a partial match is found (only 2 of 3 mandatory attributes are found) create a delta row in a private google sheet. A the completion of the workflow trigger a message with workflow confirmation into a specific channel in Microsoft Teams.

Time To Deliver: 45 minutes to build, debug and deploy.

Integrations Used: Salesforce, Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Boolean condition, Loop condition.

Authentication: OAUTH (Salesforce, Teams & Google Drive)