Meet The Intern! Joshvir Dhaliwal

by Alumni Content in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 16th August 2022

We grab a chat with EnterpriseAlumni’s top work experience protégée

While his university mates are spending their summer holidays backpacking though remote rainforests and lolling about on the sofa watching Homes Under The Hammer and Bargain Hunt, 20-year-old economics student Joshvir Dhaliwal is spending his summer here at EnterpriseAlumni, after meeting EnterpriseAlumni’s very own Emma Sinclair at Buckingham Palace of all places!

With Josh already proving to be a valuable member of the EnterpriseAlumni team, we thought we’d turn the tables and catch up on how he’s enjoying the experience, what he’s learned about alumni, and if the Hollywood portrayal of bosses being horrible to their interns is actually a reality.

Hi, Josh! Who are you and what are you up to?

I’m Joshvir Dhaliwal and I’ve just completed my second year studying economics at the University of Bristol. I’m doing work experience over the summer alongside Emma [Sinclair] and the rest of the team at EnterpriseAlumni. Then I’m off to Japan to study economics in Tokyo for a year before coming back to Bristol to finish my degree.

Tell us about meeting Emma at Buckingham Palace!

After completing my gold Duke of Edinburgh at sixth form in Amersham in Buckinghamshire, we were invited to Buckingham Palace to be presented with our awards. We got to hear speakers from all walks of life, including explorers and entrepreneurs. After hearing Emma’s entrepreneurial wisdom, I knew I had to speak to her! She later invited me to come and work at EnterpriseAlumni over the summer.

Did you get to meet the Queen too?

Unfortunately, the Queen was not there, but we did meet some other members of the Royal Family, like the Duke of Wessex. It was great to catch up with my school friends and get all dressed up. Plus you don’t walk in through the gardens of Buckingham Palace and hear from all these prestigious speakers every day. It was definitely a day to remember. Through Emma, I also got to meet Tony Fadell, who led the team who invented the iPod and iPhone, who was giving a talk at Cambridge Union.

What are you doing and what have you learnt at EnterpriseAlumni?

I’m here for about five weeks. I’ve sat in with meetings with Emma and the CFO, learning about the business, so I’m more on the finance strategy side. I’ve spoken with the team from LA to learn about modelling and market trends. EnterpriseAlumni is not a huge conglomerate, so I’ve learnt a lot more than I would have in a larger firm, and have been given more responsibility!

What’s the worst thing someone has made you do?

Excel work tracing different fundraising is a bit tedious, but as the saying goes: you’ve got to do the work to get the meetings. So it’s been worth it as I’ve been to quite a few cool meetings.

Do you also have to make the tea?

I’ve been out on plenty of coffee runs, so I know how everybody likes theirs: skimmed, oat milk, it’s all engraved on my mind. No, I’m kidding. I’ve actually been treated to plenty of teas and coffees, which is a nice surprise. It’s not at all like you see in films and TV when the poor interns are forever getting shouted at!

How has EnterpriseAlumni taught you about why alumni is so important?

Being part of the Duke Of Edinburgh alumni network led me to meeting Emma, gaining this work experience and joining the EnterpriseAlumni network to connect with other people who have sat in my shoes. Working at EnterpriseAlumni has also taught me many things. I’ve learnt how boomerang hires – people who re-join the company after gaining additional skills – are crucial because my generation change career more times than ever before. I’ve learned how alumni helps with brand advocacy and business development. I’ve learnt how alumni impacts everything!

What would you like to do when you graduate?

Oh no! Not this question! I’m very much still open because I’m still learning. I’d potentially like to provide financial advisory and work in the city, but the next two years could change all that.

If they made you CEO of EnterpriseAlumni today, could you do it?

Seeing how hard Emma works and her dedication, it would take a lot to fit in her shoes. But I’d definitely give it a good attempt!

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