Alumni Engagement Requires Innovation

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 22nd March 2019

One of the first conversations we have with potential customers is that we typically shy away from bespoke implementations, custom widgets or acting on “we really need x functionality” … and instead we talk about the value of a unified platform.

We talked prior about the value of a truly integrated Alumni platform to your HRIS and other systems and we really mean it. Customers are moving to the cloud because of the benefit of continued innovation already included in the price. It is no longer the OnPrem methodology where customers add-on, ruin, extend and customize their product to the point that upgrading becomes impossible.

However, we recognize our customers have certain requirements that will be needed for the platform to meet all their goals and expectations.

Our 5 steps to live program has brought multiple new, innovative and exciting features to our platform, without customers having to manage support, configuration or the annoyance of an awkward bespoke piece.

  1. Customer recommends a new feature in the “Customer Success Portal”
  2. We identify whether it is a feature that all global customers would be interested in or if it is Line Of Business specific.
  3. Based on the feedback we restate our roadmap to include the feature, with weight given based on the community feedback.
  4. We “beta” the new idea for 45 days with the customer that recommended the feature (iterate, observe, iterate, observe)
  5. We include in a Release Update.

The customer might have to wait slightly longer than they wanted but ultimately get delivered a feature that will continue to be iterated, will be more robust and will take advantage of the global feedback system our team curate. As an added bonus, its included in the price!