An Effective Business Alumni Program Impacts The Entire Organization

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 21st January 2020

Alumni Engagement and the rise in Business Alumni Programs by organizations globally is leading to a better relationship between employers and their former employees – one that lasts their entire career.

Video Transcript

The Changing Face of A Business Alumni Program

Hi there, I’m James Sinclair the Principal of EnterpriseAlumni.

As we close out 2018 I wanted to take a moment to recognize the maturity of the Alumni market and the removal of the stigma around leaving and returning to a former employer but also this shift from Alumni being a tool to just expand your talent supply and instead recognizing that engaging with population can drive value across all lines of business.

2018 Highlights

The largest highlight of 2018 was concrete numbers validating the incredible benefits above and beyond recruiting that our customers are seeing.

Organizations that engage their Alumni saw a new channel for sales, a tribe of people willing to amplify a social message, partnerships and ideation in addition to the expected recruitment and contingent labor piece.

Our customers found innovative ways to leverage their communities to drive their business objectives. Deloitte really put it best this year when they released their Employee Engagement Report with a brilliant line. The employee experience no longer ends at the exit interview. The view is that people will start thinking about their exit before they have even joined your organization. Thinking how will this new employer serve my career, my personal growth and showcasing that you support, encourage and are there for your employees even after they have left reflects incredibly well on your new recruits.

The best way for us to capture this is when a customer told us recently that their choice to form a better relationship with their Alumni and launch a Business Alumni Program was because when an employee leaves they look at it as a promotion to a customer.

3 Core Changes In Alumni Engagement

I think 2018 brought about 3 core changes in how organizations are thinking about Alumni:

The first for many organizations Alumni used to be a nice to have, perhaps self-organized by the Alumni or a small silo of your organization that engaged with retirees. But as we enter 2020 engaging Alumni is going from a nice to have to a must-have. For a company to have total visibility of all stakeholders who can impact their organization, Alumni have to be included in the conversation.

Which leads to the second core change we have seen in the market. Which is the expectations of an Alumni program. For many of the more established companies, especially consulting where Alumni has been around for many years, it was all about online address book, perhaps some job opportunities, a news feed of what’s happening in the organization. But the shift we have seen by asking Alumni what they want and how we can serve them reflects that Alumni want a dynamic, highly relevant and contextual platform.

Alumni want functional value that can assist them in their current role. Our focus has always been on asking the Alumni how we can serve them better. And this insight has led the success of a Business Alumni Program due to dramatic increases in engagement both online and offline.

The last core change has been about how Alumni is how perceived inside the organization. And the far-reaching benefits a program has across all lines of business. People often wonder whether Alumni should sit in HR or Marketing or Sales. And it can sit in either because one does not disqualify the other. Our customers expanded their stakeholders across their organization and have asked two core questions. How might we serve our Alumni better and how might they help us. This focus of expanding the conversation has driven tremendous value and moved the conversation away from Alumni just being a talent pool.

For us, seeing how our customers have taken their communities, have ideated with our product team on new ways to engage means our product is always a reflection of the ever-changing business priorities they have and it is our responsibility to ensure our technology can always enable these goals.

We have always said that our customer is your Alumni and if we can deliver them value, they in-turn will deliver you value we look forward to continuing this commitment in 2020 and working with our customers on exciting new ways for them to engage their Alumni population. For more information on how your organization can benefit from a Business Alumni Program, please visit us at – Thank You