Alumni Software: Design With A Consumer Experience

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 22nd March 2019

Alumni Software: The Value Of Modern Design

Delivering Alumni Software with engagement, the holy grail of any community platform – Alumni who are actually engaged in the experience requires recognizing that Alumni Engagement comes from delivering value. One of those values is a brilliant user experience, cutting edge design and modern suite of tools to enable a simple and recognizable journey.

Corporates who seek a mutually beneficial relationship with their alumni have a responsibility to deliver them modern technology. Why? Because it’s good for business.

“90% of users are interacting with technology built pre MySpace” … yet companies are expecting results that are not in line with the technology they are using.” This needs to change.

– Sameer Patel

Deliver best in class, relevant and engaging experiences in return for their interactions with you. Alumni need and deserve alumni software with a consumer-centric experience, reflecting on the experiences they have with technology in their everyday lives. Companies must proactively provide an aesthetically pleasing, practical, compelling and intelligent platform for their benefit of all parties.

Like it or not, you are asking them to engage and take actions. You therefore reciprocally need to engage with them and demonstrate you know and understand them. Earn their engagement. The good news is that this should be the easy part…

Your Alumni leave a trail of breadcrumbs, a rich dearth of information, all across the web.

This is enhanced when they sign up to your alumni platform which holds existing HR data about their competencies. 

Alumni Software: Make It Easy

You have everything you need to deliver exactly what alumni want and to drive engagement. Technology has developed such that it allows corporates to deliver a personalized and valuable experience to each user, at scale. It is this ability to offer a radically better experience than enterprise software has provided in the past that will drive engagement and ultimately, deliver exponential value.

To do this, move past e-mail marketing campaigns, WordPress websites and community platforms that are little more than an excel spreadsheet with a yahoo group on top … and instead, deliver them Alumni software as an experience. A true community.

Approaching your Alumni community with respect, putting their needs first and understanding the expectations of the modern user and consumer will drive the engagement and value you are looking for.

Alumni Software: Put The Alumni First

For those building an alumni community, sitting with senior executives and explaining that the process is about driving recruitment, referrals and your contingent labor pool – or business development and sales opportunities – is to be expected. A business case must be made. But unless the Alumni experience is put firmly first with the delivery of great alumni software, those regrettable losses you want to rehire; this digital generation; those people you really care about hiring; won’t come running back.

The companies who benefit from the most meaningful impact of this huge, untapped talent pool are those who truly respect the consumer. Focus on the alumni, and they will focus on you. Deliver to alumni, and they will reciprocally deliver back to you.

That’s our ethos at EnterpriseAlumni. Give modern, give relevant, get engagement.