Leveraging Business Intelligence To Drive Alumni Strategy

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 21st January 2020

Today’s Alumni Leaders need to understand where to spend their time and direct their energy to deliver value. What works, what does not, what to double down on and intelligence from their data that allows Alumni Leaders to ask more precise questions.

We are currently delivering to customers their 2020 Alumni Community: Year In Review. A robust report that highlights the core data of their Alumni Program, the measurements that matter and insights to guide the course for the 2020 Alumni Strategy. A data-based toolkit to enable smart ROI driven marketing for 2020.

The data already exists that an Alumni program can boost your recruiting ROI by 6x. We know Alumni and Alumni Referrals are the number one and number two ranked source of hires and that up to 80% of your former employees would return to your company, for the right role. 

Sifting through volumes of resumes for people likely ill-equipped for open positions is dated, and will soon be obsolete. It is being replaced with leveraging talent you know; talent you can be confident will be a good fit, can trust and is easily accessible.

The same changes are underway with Alumni Leaders and how they are interacting with their community. Gone are the days of “Random Acts Of Marketing” and talking at alumni. This mediocrity is swiftly deleted from inboxes and alumni leaders know this. This is being replaced with “Smart Marketing.” Targetted, personal, ROI driven engagement based on an understanding of user behavior, domain knowledge and Business Intelligence.

Giving alumni what they want; an experience that is relevant for them. 

What’s the secret sauce behind this change? There is no secret! These changes reflect the evolution in consumer and corporate communications leveraging available technology and the EnterpriseAlumni platform, strategy and digital tools designed for success from day one. 

EnterpriseAlumni is now delivering the most comprehensive Alumni Platform on the market. A platform that starts and ends with data and insights designed to enable our customers to make more informed and intelligent decisions to drive their business outcomes.

Leveraging our newly released and continually evolving  Business Insights module, combined with integrations into HR tech, our ability to consume multiple data sets to explore historical and current data to deliver the what, the when, the why and most importantly, a data model to better predict tomorrow. This is the future of alumni and this is what we are bringing to our customers.

Analytics is no longer enough; How long alumni spend on your site or what they look at it is not a ‘business insight’. It lacks any ability to reliably inform the broader behavior, consequences, funnels, journey mapping or indeed context. Analytics relies on the domain intuition and domain knowledge of an Alumni Leader to extract a (likely subjective) meaning. The good news is this dated approach is old news – and business insights blended with that intuition and experience can be married to build a more informed alumni strategy.

The flaw is that rarely can domain knowledge alone or analytics without context and history separate causation vs. correlation. For that,  you need Business Intelligence.