Alumni As A Contingent Workforce

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 22nd April 2019

What Is A Contingent Workforce?

Contingent workers are people who are not on the company payroll but provide services to an organization, such as contractors, consultants, temps and advisers.

Why Should Companies Use Alumni As A Contingent Pool?

Leveraging an Alumni community as a contingent workforce for many organizations is no longer optional. The large community of qualified, verified and skilled ex-employees in this talent community is a perfect place to start to find project base talent.

What do you do when your company is facing a high-level skills shortage, but you can’t justify an expensive increase in headcount just to handle one project or a seasonal surge in business?

The answer for more and more employers is to bring on contingent talent in the form of retired alumni professionals — an underutilized labor pool with vast business experience and institutional knowledge.

Ardent Partners delivered a report on the changing landscape of the contingent workforce including the user of Alumni as an organization’s contingent workforce.

There’s an ample supply of retired business and technical talent that is open to taking a look at a term assignment. “Many professionals have retired, but they still want to be engaged in the workforce, and maybe they need to be” for financial reasons, says Karen Turner, a vice president of product development and strategy at staffing and HR services firm Randstad SourceRight.

The report includes a number of critical case studies and market evidence, making it a must read of HR Transformation Executives.

Using your Alumni as a contingent workforce is one of many tremendous use cases that EnterpriseAlumni customers recognize. Learn more of the values of an Alumni Management Program here.

We invite you to read the whole report here.