Creative Communications & Content Manager


A Boomerang Employee is defined as any employee who returns to work for a former employer. It is not applicable only to Full-Time positions. For organization who leverage seasonal employees, the benefits of having the same people do your seasonal work, year after year are many. Think of all the money your company could save on recruitment and training alone.


The Creative Content Manager is responsible for overseeing EnterpriseAlumni’s content marketing, social media marketing and digital strategy. This individual will serve as one of the main voices of the brand and its content as well as guide our customers on their content and user engagement strategies. The role includes Community Project Leadership as part of the role. The candidate will not only manage and execute the companies branding and content positioning but also work directly with our global enterprise customers on delivering innovative strategies to deliver programming to their user base. Candidate will lead a community of 1.7m users. Candidate should possess strong written and communication skills.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop innovative, effective and on-going content marketing strategy across all channels of web and social media to grow brand, and continually update that plan/strategy and related activity based on emerging trends and opportunities
  • Work alongside global customers to deliver them best practice programming and user engagement strategies to enhance their relationship with their users.
  • Mange all video content creation and the voice of the brand as it relates to support and how we communicate with our customers.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of a social media influencer program comprised of like- minded and relatable individuals that will assist with the organic growth of EnterpriseAlumni’s social media presence
  • Partner with the SEO team to create and support online Advertising initiatives with creative and innovative content that promotes brand awareness, product knowledge and call to action • Own and manage the creation and editing of all web copy and other editorial content
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, culture, and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to EnterpriseAlumni’s online presence
  • Engage with thought leaders, analysts and other media opportunities to align the brand and product to existing conversations.


The role has an opportunity for global travel to present our campaigns and strategies direct to customer (non-mandatory)

Required Qualifications:

  • Marketing, PR, Communications degree
  • MBA with a focus on marketing is a plus
  • Extremely creative and outgoing
  • Organized, thorough and detail oriented
  • Experience in video content creation, planning and promoting
  • Social Media marketing experience/influencer marketing experience
  • Self-starter who blogs, writes, or otherwise engages with online media on a regular basis
  • Proven proficiency in written and oral communications (i.e., copywriting, editing, presentation) is essential
  • Experience in graphic design, photography a plus
  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced business environment while working effectively and collaboratively with team members