Growth-Hacking Alumni Scale & Engagement: Leveraging Employees

by Community Admin in Alumni Webinar   |    Last Edited: 18th April 2019

James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelists Caren Scoropanos, National Director of Marketing for Alumni and Cause Marketing at KPMG and Becki Cedrone, Director, Alumni & Community Marketing at Coca Cola.

The focus topic for this session is the importance of looking for support, buy in and opportunity inside the organization as the primary growth tool for attracting and engaging your Alumni population.

Many approach Alumni growth & engagement by focusing on the Alumni, when in fact the quickest and most successful Alumni programs recognize it all starts internally. Learn from our panelists on how they think about growth-hacking their Alumni communities, leveraging modern and innovative thinking to deliver value to their Alumni and the organization.

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This webinar is part of the EnterpriseAlumni Leadership Webinar Series that invites corporate alumni leaders and community thought leaders globally to come together to discuss strategy and value building for organizations engaging their Alumni communities.