Alumni Leadership Series: Driving Alumni Engagement

by Alumni Content in Video   |    Last Edited: 10th January 2022

What Is Alumni Engagement?

Alumni engagement is the effectiveness of the organization to provide an Alumni Network that drives former employees to join, to engage in the conversation, to recognize the value and ultimately to undertake processes or actions that align to a companies business objectives.

The key to a strong Alumni Engagement is providing a relevant and contextual suite of benefits reflective of the diverse member base and their individual needs matrix.

Companies launch an Alumni program as a channel to drive business objectives, whether that be sales, recruiting, community engagement, brand advocates or more. However, to ask Alumni to assist the organization in achieving these goals requires delivering value to those Alumni and understanding the type of value and benefits that will lead a former employee to engage.

How KPMG & Coca-Cola Drive Alumni Engagement:

The focus topic for this session is the importance of looking for support, buy-in, and opportunity inside the organization as the primary growth tool for attracting and engaging your Alumni population.

Many approach Alumni growth & engagement by focusing on the Alumni, when in fact the quickest and most successful Alumni programs recognize it all starts internally. Learn from our panelists on how they think about growth-hacking their Alumni communities, leveraging modern and innovative thinking to deliver value to their Alumni and the organization.

Four Themes To Drive Alumni Engagement

Top Insights To Gain Engagement Internally

  • Walk In With Value:

    To drive internal engagement, laser focus on a few key metrics that will highlight the real value of the platform and lead internal conversations by showing a prior success.

  • Get Your Glaze On

    Ensure anytime you partner with other initiatives within the firm it is not just “+alumni” but instead ensure that the Alumni and the Organization are equally able to gain value. Alumni needs to be embedded in the company culture as opposed to an afterthought.

  • Empower Your People:

    Individuals in the organizations don’t need to “own” the Alumni program, instead empower existing employees to create, drive and execute initiatives with your Alumni population.

  • Understand Your Targets:

    Explore the “What’s in it for me” for every stakeholder to ensure value for everyone present. What’s in it for the Alumni, for the employee, for the department, and for the company ensures a well-crafted value proposition everyone can engage in.

View the Alumni Research Report to learn the various alumni engagement programs organizations leverage to drive value to their former employees.


Caren Scoropanos, KPMG : Caren Scoropanos is the National Director of Alumni Marketing for KPMG who leads the U.S. alumni and retired partner initiative and programs for the firm.  

Rebecca Cedrone, Coca-Cola : Becki Cedrone is the Director, Alumni & Community Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company who is charged with developing the future alumni strategy for the organization.

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