The State of Corporate Alumni: Survey Results

by Alumni Content in Alumni Research   |    Last Edited: 03rd April 2021

Corporate Alumni are the most qualified sales and talent pool on the earth. Understanding what drives them to engage with former employers combined with how best to deliver it, is a competitive advantage for enterprises in today’s market.

The 2017 Corporate Alumni survey results are from a collection of conversations and surveys with Alumni and Large Enterprises with or developing an Alumni program.

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Building an alumni community combines leveraging the contingent labor force by accessing a ‘sales engine’ and supporting brand evangelists; a powerful tool now supported and enhanced by technology.

The Alumni market is changing. Formerly the domain of manually populated excel spreadsheets and Facebook or LinkedIn groups set up by former employees, the sector has evolved as large enterprises recognize the value of this talent community and are placing alumni at the forefront of their talent acquisition strategy.

Where once there were burdens that required significant time and resources to manage Alumni community, technology has automated these roles and responsibilities, ensuring programs integrate into the HR, Sales and Content stack, ensuring Alumni are delivered a relevant, engaging experience.

The data we collect enables us to deliver actionable insights that help our customers better engage with their Alumni community. Key learnings from the survey include:

  1. Engaging Alumni also impacts new recruits, who recognize that leaving is inevitable and visit the Alumni page to understand what “goodbye” looks like. A staggering 65% of visitors to are not alumni.
  2. A ready made validated, qualified labor force who know your company: Project work is a key driver for alumni joining an alumni platform.
  3. A native mobile app is vital because despite engagement initiating in the office, re-engagement is from mobile devices and outside of office hours. Users want to use their thumbprint to login vs remember login credentials.

Our consistent goal is to deliver a valuable platform and experience for your alumni as they will, in turn, deliver value back to our customers. A combination of survey results and data analytics allows us to continually optimize our mission: Understanding what your Alumni community is trying to achieve.

We look forward to sharing insights and metrics about how EnterpriseAlumni can help your company thrive by delivering Alumni a compelling experience.

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