The Human Impact of a Corporate Alumni Program

by Alumni Content in Alumni Research   |    Last Edited: 10th January 2022

For most organizations, the business case for an Alumni Program is driven by Key Performance Indicators that advance Return On Investment: Showcasing how leveraging Alumni for recruiting, sales, employer brand and business development can be quantified and demonstrating significant financial benefit is a vital part of the purchasing process.

The most successful Alumni programs recognize their engagement with former employees cannot only be transactional in nature and must contain a human element that drives the community forward.

5 Examples Of Empathy Driven Alumni Programming:

  • Diversity & Inclusion:
  • Employee Resource Groups:
  • Community Help & Support:
  • Mentoring:
  • Volunteering:

Alumni Leadership Series: The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program

Listen to the companion webinar on the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, EnterpriseAlumni is joined by panelists Carrie Melissa Jones and Lisa Morris.

Why do Alumni Communities for many organizations seem like a disposable nice to have vs a fundamental requirement based on recognizing that investing in relationships is good for business.

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