How 2020 Has Reshaped Corporate Alumni Relations

by Alumni Content in Alumni Research   |    Last Edited: 06th July 2020

With COVID-19, furlough, urgent recruitment drives, redundancies, the impact on business and economic challenges, companies are racing to build out their Alumni Programs or improve and increase attention to existing programs.

6 Ways Organizations Are Engaging Their Alumni:

  • Recruiting: Alumni are an immediate source of pre-qualified talent, decrease the time to fill, time to productivity, and are the number one source of quality hire.
  • Redundancy: Providing displaced workers access to information, opportunities, benefits, job placement, and continued education.
  • Sales & Business Development: Employees go on to work at customers, vendors, and partners providing sales advocacy and deal generation opportunities.
  • Innovation: Outsider perspectives and former employees who are operating in a white space can bring new perspectives and partnership opportunities.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Alumni can engage in continued ERG or advocacy programs including volunteering, mentoring, inclusion, and can be a source of talent and insight.
  • Marketing: Former employees provide organic reach to share content, thought leadership, and advocate both online and offline.

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