Alumni: The Real Solution to the Labor Shortage

by Community Admin in Alumni Leaders Podcast   |    Last Edited: 24th September 2020

In this episode of Live: Equity & Disruption in the Workplace, host Dr. Patti Fletcher sits down with James Sinclair, Co-Founder & CEO of EnterpriseAlumni. For years now, the shortage of talent has been a challenge noted by business leaders. The cold hard truth is that there is no shortage of talent, only a shortage of non-traditional thinking of the total employee experience. Despite former female employees’ ability to step back into the workforce and provide nearly immediate value at a lower cost, HR has done little to cultivate relationships with women who off-ramp from their day jobs. Join me for a discussion with James Sinclair, co-founder of EnterpriseAlumni, where we will talk about why and how HR can create returnship programs for their female alumni to onramp back into their workforce.

You can find more research and insights on alumni programs here.

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