Launching Your Alumni Network

Once you have selected EnterpriseAlumni, it’s time to get up and running – our service delivery model is designed to get you the functionality and value you expect and fast.

For more information on how EnterpriseAlumnni delivers customers the technology, the services and the enablement to build a successful alumni network please download our Service Delivery Model Workbook


The first step to building a successful Alumni Community is to define the purpose, objectives, expectations, and experience of the network. Working with our team we provide a framework to build out the strategy and programming for a successful and engaged community.


To build a successful network requires populating it with your Alumni, our multi-step program to attract and acquire your users includes integration with off-boarding for your current employees who are leaving. In addition, our software enables the identification and contacting of Alumni across social networks to invite them to the community.


Working with our team of Global Community Managers, Training Teams and our Customer Community Portal we assist you in building out a series of scalable and automated campaigns to deliver value and engagement to your Alumni community to drive active participation. Providing a contextual and relevant experience across all countries, career levels, generations and job roles.


Whether your organization is looking to leverage the Alumni Community as a talent or referral pool, a sales or business development engine or an army of brand advocates to share your mission or thought leadership. The platform is designed to contact and activate the right Alumni at the right time to drive your business objectives and platform ROI.


Consistent review of your data and your platform to understand and drill down into the how, why and what is working enables the platform to be dynamic, to change with your community and your business. As part of the customer community, new ideas and functionality are delivered weekly based on the feedback of you, your Alumni and the wider community to ensure the platform is always enabling you to deliver a brilliant Alumni experience and simple administration.