Intraworlds vs EnterpriseAlumni

Learn why customers including P&G, Nestle, HSBC and more chose EnterpriseAlumni to engage and manage their Alumni community. Customers today need a globally compliant and integrated solution that aligns to their shifting business priorities.

Why EnterpriseAlumni?

Many organizations starting their Alumni journey might be considering an Intraworlds WordPress website, but for companies with large and dynamic communities, the need to ensure their Alumni data is secure, that they can audit the supply chain of the code and it is not built using a host of 3rd party plugins becomes a critical requirement.

EnterpriseAlumni was built from the ground up using best in class technologies to deliver a brilliant experience to our customers and their end users. Technology designed to ensure your Alumni are engaged, being delivered value and offered a suite of compelling benefits.

Customers who have migrated from a WordPress site like Intraworlds to EnterpriseAlumni get to see greater flexibility, customization, and speed of new functionality that aligns to the experience and ever-changing needs of their Alumni community.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our global customers and show you the EnterpriseAlumni difference.


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Choosing The Right Alumni Platform

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