What Is A Corporate Alumni Platform?

A Corporate Alumni Platform is a powerful tool companies use to engage and manage their former employees. This Corporate Alumni Network consists of former employees who can provide key benefits to a company including recruiting, sales, business development and as brand ambassadors.

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“Colleagues for life.” That’s what Deloitte calls their Alumni. Other companies use terms like “boomerang employees,” “alumni” or “comeback colleagues.” A growing number of organizations are understanding the value of maintaining a relationship between employer and employee long after the two have parted with a formal alumni network.

Company Alumni drive business development, recruitment, brand sentiment… and therefore the bottom line.

Companies that invest in lifelong relationships with their employees consistently outperform organizations that do not and a Corporate Alumni Network is a critical component to manage and engage this community.

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Data from across thought leaders, business leaders and organizational best practices highlight the advantages of maintaining an Alumni connection, with 98% of the Fortune 500 having some form of an alumni program.

As companies are reimagining their employee experience, recognizing the significant investments they have made in their workforce and exploring technologies to leverage their Alumni, EnterpriseAlumni works alongside our customers to help build an organizational business case.

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To drive value for you, your organization and your alumni, here are five ways to build a compelling community:

  1. Personalization: Give alumni a personalized experience. Chose an intelligent platform that knows who your alumni are, where they are and what they are interested in. Alumni in Australia don’t want to know about drinks parties in France and seminars in Argentina. Former CEOs need a different peer group to former interns. Retirees are not interested in graduate recruitment opportunities.
  2. Aesthetics: Give alumni a site that looks and feels like the visually impressive, aesthetically pleasing consumer software they are accustomed to. Make sure the design is intuitive, the user experience is effortless and the features and functions are relevant and value add. Gone are the days where clunky old software is acceptable. 
  3. Engagement: At the heart of the platform must be a strategy to engage alumni with relevant content, opportunities, offers, and events. Going live and expecting alumni to come, simply because you feel they have an affiliation with your company, is shortsighted and lackluster. Launching an alumni network is the beginning – not the end – of a process to provide a reason for your alumni to stay active and participate in your community for the long term.
  4. Authenticity: A corporate alumni network is not an opportunity to share one-way dialogue and content on your organization. Alumni by their very nature have left – and what you may think is interesting news and insights may not be as compelling to people no longer working there as you think. Make sure the content, offers, events, and communications reflect that people have many competing demands on their time and simply sharing corporate news is not a recipe for a successful alumni community!
  5. Inclusivity: A community is not a community if some of the community are being left out! If you are an organization looking to create an inclusive alumni network, excluding support staff or graduate interns or certain geographies from a network doesn’t send a very positive message. Do start small with an alumni community and find a group or geography or vertical with whom you can test the platform … but don’t have a long term goal of leaving out groups of people who have been a part of your organization’s history.

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