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Company Alumni Program: Success Starts With Empathy.

by in 12th September 2018

Company Alumni: In Summary TLDR; The delivery of a successful Company Alumni network starts and ends with empathy; Asking yourself and your community “what is true value and how can we deliver it?” The best [...]

Boomerang Hires : Women Returners

by in 31st August 2018

While the benefits of engaging with alumni who are currently in the workforce (boomerang hires) are increasingly well documented, as well as engaging the retiree community, what is less obvious is that there are also [...]

Mental Wellness: a priority during the fourth industrial

by in 6th August 2018

Today’s workforce is more mobile. People are more transitory, often hopping from career to career in the hope of better prospects. Not only are they seeking a better remuneration package, but a healthily working environment [...]

Alumni: Engaging and attracting the talent you have already invested in

by in 22nd July 2018

The war for talent has become the status quo and we know this is unlikely to change over the coming decade. According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment in the UK is now the [...]

The Power Of Corporate Alumni Networks

by in 28th June 2018

The Power Of Alumni Networks What do Tesla, YouTube, and LinkedIn all have in common? Apart from being three of the highest profile and most innovative brands of the past decade, they were all created [...]

HR or Marketing: Where Should An Alumni Association Program Live?

by in 20th June 2018

Over the past year or so, I have spent many hours with individuals working at medium to large organizations talking about the virtues of implementing and managing an alumni association.  These individuals range from C-Suite [...]

Your Alumni Network Is Your Net Worth

by in 22nd May 2018

Why do I end all my articles with the words, “Your network is your net worth”? It’s because who you know - and how you treat them - dwarfs every other strategy you could possibly [...]

Company Alumni: Building A Program From Scratch

by in 4th March 2018

When we speak to customers starting a journey or conversation around embracing and creating a Company Alumni community, the conversation starts in recruitment. That's where the budget normally lives and where the obvious value drivers [...]

Alumni Best Practices: Insights & Thought Leadership

by in 13th February 2018

Delivering Alumni Value: Every week I hear from colleagues at other companies who are intrigued by the concept of corporate alumni relations and curious about what it takes to create an effective alumni program. Of course, [...]

How Business Alumni Programs Drive More Than Recruitment

by in 3rd January 2018

The term “alumni relations” which used to characterize the way that schools connect with their graduates is now extended to business alumni programs and how companies engage with their former employees. In academia and the [...]

EnterpriseAlumni : Focus On Product Not Infra….

by in 20th February 2017

  Dan Lahl - VP, Product Marketing at SAP LinkedIn / Twitter   In his recent article, Dan talks about why companies like EnterpriseAlumni that provide extension applications into the enterprise are attracted to PaaS/IaaS [...]

How SuccessFactors Enables Partners To Deliver “Epic”

by in 29th September 2016

Watch this brilliant 3 minute video with Mike Ettling and Holger Mueller explaining how SuccessFactors is enabling partners to deliver innovation and agility to customers within a stable, secure and managed environment. The platform based app approach allows [...]

A Boomerang Hire Is A More Valuable Employee

by in 5th September 2016

For many organizations, the decision or spark to start an Alumni program is the tremendous value of the talent pool and ability to rehire ex-employees (Boomerang Hire). An insightful article from Dr John Sullivan from [...]

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