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Why Most College / University Alumni Programs Fail

by in 8th February 2019

Best in class (pardon the pun) University Alumni Programs are now emulating those of the Corporate Alumni World in a bid to improve the engagement and outcomes of their communities. Until this point, many higher-ed [...]

Alumni Value: Is it real?

by in 6th December 2018

Does an Alumni program actually deliver value? A recent Quartz@Work survey highlighted four companies with Alumni programs and the value it is having on their organization, similar to the 2018 Corporate Alumni survey - the [...]

Extending SuccessFactors : Accenture & EnterpriseAlumni

by in 20th September 2018

Join Tobias Block of Accenture Technology & James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni as they introduce the concept of SAP SuccessFactors extensions and how partners globally are delivering last mile solutions to SAP customers enabling them to [...]

Understanding The Alumni Experience

by in 1st August 2018

The recent Bersin by Deloitte: Top Of Mind report recognizes "The Alumni relationship extends the employee experience for a lifetime" and highlights four key areas organizations must be considering to deliver a valuable Alumni Experience: [...]

SAP SuccessFactors: Why Partner With EnterpriseAlumni

by in 25th June 2018

In an interview during HR conference Success Connect last week, Mark Brandau, Vice President of Solution Mangement of SAP SuccessFactors, talked about why SAP has chosen to partner with EnterpriseAlumni for Alumni Management, this crucial [...]

Boomerang Employees – 3 Reasons To Rehire And 2 Reasons To Avoid Them

by in 1st June 2018

By David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom  Throughout the years, the two of us have heard countless stories of regret from managers who let stellar employees slip through their fingers. These managers often turn to us [...]

Welcoming Multi Generational Alumni Talent Back To The Workforce

by in 23rd January 2018

Harnessing the talent of older workers and welcoming alumni back to the workforce after a gap in their CV or work break is vital to solve the global talent shortage. In the words of Barclays [...]

HR Technology in 2018: Ten Disruptions Ahead

by in 30th December 2017

Josh Bersin is Founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, leading provider of research-based membership programs in human resources (HR), talent and learning. I am a global research analyst, public speaker, and writer on the topics of corporate [...]

Blockchain: Bringing HR Into the Digital Universe

by in 15th September 2017

What is blockchain technology and how does it impact business alumni? In simple terms, participants in a blockchain can share digitized information without the participation of an intermediary. For example, if you want to conduct [...]

Why Sodexo Doesn’t Say Goodbye to Exiting Employees

by in 8th September 2017

The results of Sodexo’s corporate alumni program are celebration-worthy. Its community has grown to 8,000 members. And 20% of external hires have been from Reconnexions which puts the program in the top percentile of corporate [...]

EnterpriseAlumni Enables HR Leaders To Connect and Extend SAP SuccessFactors

by in 1st September 2017

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SAP SE (SAP) today announced the continued growth of cloud application extensions to SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions built on SAP Cloud Platform. With simple access and easy connectivity to now more than 100 [...]

The Skills Gap is Costing Companies Nearly $1 Million Annually

by in 7th August 2017

More than two thirds of employers who said they were increasing their number of employees in Q1 currently have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates It's one of today's most vexing economic [...]

The State of Corporate Alumni 2017 : Survey Results

by in 31st July 2017

Following on from our global survey of business alumni and the companies they work for, we are pleased to share the most in-depth and invaluable insights collated to date that enables a more engaging relationship [...]

Kirkland & Ellis embraces alumni—current and future

by in 15th June 2017

By Claire Bushey Kirkland & Ellis is formalizing its alumni network to win new business and recruit law students. The firm, one of Chicago's oldest and richest, always has maintained an informal network of attorneys who worked [...]

Alumni Association: 7 Reasons to Create a Community

by in 21st April 2017

Recently, CIO Magazine recognized the importance of Alumni Associations and wrote a piece entitled '7 reasons to hire back the right former employees.' Citing information from a 2015 Kronos study about changing mindsets, the survey of [...]

Four Reasons to Invest in a Corporate Alumni Network

by in 10th February 2017

In September 2014 as a follow up to his book "The Alliance" Reid Hoffman shares why creating a corporate alumni network will strengthen a companies recruiting and talent brand, network intelligence gathering and customer referrals. [...]

Alumni: 2017 Technologies Worth Watching

by in 27th January 2017

EnterpriseAlumni is delighted to be named as an HR Tech company to watch in 2017 for our work to reimagine recruitment, boomerang hires, and alumni engagement by RecruitingDaily: There’s never been a more exciting time [...]

Our Customers Are Our Tribe – The Alumni Community

by in 18th December 2016

Much has been written about tribes and pack behavior in the context of business. Your network is your net worth. How who you mix with impacts your personal and professional career path. Why surrounding yourself [...]

HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market

by in 24th October 2016

Recently Josh Bersin the Principal of Bersin By Deloitte released their annual perspective on the HR market: Alumni engagement as part of the HR process and delivering value to the entire organization was highlighted a [...]

How SuccessFactors Enables Partners To Deliver “Epic”

by in 29th September 2016

Watch this brilliant 3 minute video with Mike Ettling and Holger Mueller explaining how SuccessFactors is enabling partners to deliver innovation and agility to customers within a stable, secure and managed environment. The platform based app approach allows [...]

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