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Why Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) Are A Critical Component Of An Alumni Network by in 9th February 2018

 Enabling Alumni who have left your organization to continue to participate in corporate programs that resonate with them personally extends the community and reach of your organization exponentially. And beyond the professional benefits, doing so [...]

Welcoming Multi Generational Alumni Talent Back To The Workforce by in 23rd January 2018

Harnessing the talent of older workers and welcoming alumni back to the workforce after a gap in their CV or work break is vital to solve the global talent shortage. In the words of Barclays [...]

Being A Great Corporate Alumni Manager by in 17th December 2017

With the increasing emphasis on maintaining relationships with corporate alumni, for sales, recruitment, evangelism and other purposes, what’s the difference between an average and an a-game alumni manager? What distinguishes an efficient alumni leader from [...]

Educational Alumni vs Corporate Alumni: Is there really much of a difference? by in 19th November 2017

Are all Alumni networks an incredible asset? Yes. Are all alumni equal? Yes. Are all alumni platforms and functions the same? Hell no! Educational alumni engagement is a concept we are all familiar with. Many [...]

Refugees: A Future Talent We Cannot Afford To Loose by in 11th October 2017

Our business is all about people. The people who work for us, the customers we work for, the alumni and corporates who use our platform. And we consider Corporate Social Responsibility to be integrated into [...]

A Win-Win: The Independent Professional Has More to Offer by in 21st August 2017

Gone are the days when professionals stayed with a single company throughout their careers. Not only is the modern workplace less traditional, it's also less predictable. And while this may seem to be a strain [...]

Alumni: The Untapped Workforce by in 11th March 2017

One of the great advantages of your Alumni Talent Pool is that you have qualified data around their performance, competencies and learnings ... all validated and confirmed. That's gold dust. The reduction in cost for your [...]

10 Corporate Alumni Tips For 2017 by in 30th January 2017

As we dive into 2017 and with Corporate Alumni high on the radar of many organizations who want to tap into this vast pool of qualified people, here are ten top tips to help you create [...]

Boomerang Retirees: Harnessing the Skills of Former Employees by in 20th December 2016

Companies are actively choosing to engage with boomerang retirees; a term referring to people who exit a company gracefully after their career ends, then return to work shortly afterwards again. We know it takes time for [...]

Make Your Corporate Alumni Program Opt-Out vs Opt-In by in 5th December 2016

Do you want to build a thriving Alumni community? Do want to drive the value and culture of an Alumni community and embed it as a core pillar of your organization? Of course you do! So make sure [...]

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