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Alumni: Engaging and attracting the talent you have already invested in

by in 22nd July 2018

The war for talent has become the status quo and we know this is unlikely to change over the coming decade. According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment in the UK is now the [...]

HR or Marketing: Where Should A Corporate Alumni Program Live?

by in 20th June 2018

Over the past year or so, I have spent many hours with individuals working at medium to large organizations talking about the virtues of implementing and managing an alumni network.  These individuals range from C-Suite [...]

Corporate Alumni are the Missing Piece in a Total Workforce Management Strategy

by in 17th June 2018

If businesses want to create a robust and forward-thinking Total Workforce Management strategy, their alumni must be part of the conversation. Talent now comes in many forms; the traditional full-time and part-time alongside the recent [...]

The Unarticulated Value Of Corporate Alumni

by in 16th May 2018

As more and more customers recognize the value of building a Corporate Alumni program they are also realizing the true value does not end with recruiting and boomerang hires!   Corporate Alumni: 2018 Survey Results [...]

Alumni Best Practices: Insights & Thought Leadership

by in 13th February 2018

Delivering Alumni Value: Every week I hear from colleagues at other companies who are intrigued by the concept of corporate alumni relations and curious about what it takes to create an effective alumni program. Of course, [...]

Educational vs. Corporate Alumni Programs: Understanding the Differences

by in 3rd January 2018

The term “alumni relations” is used to characterize the way that schools connect with their graduates and the way that companies engage with their former employees. In academia and the workplace, an organization’s alumni serve [...]

The State of Corporate Alumni 2017 : Survey Results

by in 31st July 2017

Following on from our global survey of business alumni and the companies they work for, we are pleased to share the most in-depth and invaluable insights collated to date that enables a more engaging relationship [...]

Corporate Alumni Tribes: Your Most Valuable Untapped Resource

by in 24th July 2017

In 2015, Millennials overtook Generation X as the largest generation in the workforce. This development changed corporate focus from meeting the needs of their Generation X workers to understanding the expectations of Millennials. While attracting [...]

Your (Alumni) Network Is Your Net Worth | Guest Post Jill Rowley

by in 22nd May 2017

Why do I end all my articles with the words, “Your network is your net worth”? It’s because who you know - and how you treat them - dwarfs every other strategy you could possibly [...]

10 Corporate Alumni Tips For 2017

by in 30th January 2017

As we dive into 2017 and with Corporate Alumni high on the radar of many organizations who want to tap into this vast pool of qualified people, here are ten top tips to help you create [...]

Alumni Program: Do I Have To Choose LinkedIn vs Alumni Software?

by in 28th October 2016

To best manage an alumni program, companies need both alumni software and a presence on social networks. Their co-existence is symbiotic and gives competitive edge. A strong presence on social networks counts. LinkedIn has over 380 million members [...]

A Future Proofed Alumni Platform: One Kitchen, Multiple Restaurants

by in 17th October 2016

Deploying a Corporate Alumni Solution to a global company needs to be as simple as possible for everybody: The company and the Alumni. And it needs to deliver a customized, contextual and relevant experience based on [...]

Alumni Management: Security, Compliance and Support

by in 11th October 2016

One of the current largest hurdles for large enterprises is bringing new technology into the organization: The requirements of IT and the need to ensure rapid time to value and adherence to the security framework of the [...]

What Does Fully Integrated Corporate Alumni Platform Mean?

by in 26th July 2016

When we talk about Alumni Management for the Large Enterprise, we often talk about "fully integrated" ... or how Alumni Management is a platform not an application. This differentiation is important for a number of reasons. Whilst [...]

41% Of Workers Will Be Contractors / Consultants by 2017

by in 17th March 2016

A brilliant report and insight into the changing landscape of the contingent workforce by Ardent Partners delivered many notable predictions and statistics. In addition to the global cultural value of a Corporate Alumni Program there [...]

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