Alumni Industry Use Cases

EnterpriseAlumni serves customers around the globe across a range of industries. All with the purpose of engaging their Alumni to drive value back to the organization.

Financial Services

Stay current with fintech innovation, drive recruitment and referrals to expand your talent supply and build ambassadors and partners to drive growth and awareness within the communities you serve.


Gain access to an extended talent pool for FTE and project-based needs and maintain a connection to convert your former employees into loyal customers and partners.

Energy & Resources

Respond to project-based needs around the globe with former employees including CRAFT & Union to access their availability, mobility and eligibility allowing you to deliver faster.


EnterpriseAlumni gives technology companies the ability to engage their former employees as they continue their careers to access their knowledge, sales and talent pools to your high growth enterprise.

Professional & Business Services

EnterpriseAlumni is designed to help people-based organizations engage their Alumni, drive greater profitability, ensure superior customer service, and foster innovation.

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Delivering insurance carriers the ability to transform their business by leveraging their former employees to attract key and new talent, improve organizational agility and stay ahead of the innovation curve.


For government agencies challenged with operating at peak efficiency while continuing to provide optimal services to constituents. EnterpriseAlumni will enable you to adapt quickly to change and better manage your talent.

Contract Vehicles


EnterpriseAlumni enables our healthcare customers to continue to engage their former workforce as they continue to gain experience and competencies, enabling you to cultivate the right talent to provide superior patient care.

Higher Education

Only EnterpriseAlumni understands Higher-Ed Alumni is more than donations. It’s understanding the career trajectories of your former students and engaging them to give back their time, knowledge and experience to their alma mater.



From hotels, casinos and restaurants and other hospitality-driven organizations, EnterpriseAlumni allows you to recruit rapidly and recognize that every employee current and former is a customer first.

Life Sciences

EnterpriseAlumni gives life sciences organizations the ability to focus and engage former employees for niche competency network, access knowledge and drive innovation in an ever-changing environment.


EnterpriseAlumni enables you to rapidly refocus resources based on changing strategic priorities and quickly access the mobility and competency networks of your former employees.

Media & Entertainment

A single platform to manage your former employees and gain access to insights, business opportunities. Enhanced functionality to include subsidiaries and partial affiliation communities.


EnterpriseAlumni enables nonprofit organization to better manage their existing talent pools, access volunteer or project pools and leverage their network to drive awareness and advocacy.


EnterpriseAlumni helps retailers manage their rapidly changing workforce by accessing their Alumni population and gain a real-time, consolidated view of availability and eligibility across store locations.