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HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market

by in 24th October 2016

Recently Josh Bersin the Principal of Bersin By Deloitte released their annual perspective on the HR market: Alumni engagement as part of the HR process and delivering value to the entire organization was highlighted a [...]

A Future Proofed Alumni Platform: One Kitchen, Multiple Restaurants

by in 17th October 2016

Deploying a Corporate Alumni Solution to a global company needs to be as simple as possible for everybody: The company and the Alumni. And it needs to deliver a customized, contextual and relevant experience based on [...]

Alumni Management: Security, Compliance and Support

by in 11th October 2016

One of the current largest hurdles for large enterprises is bringing new technology into the organization: The requirements of IT and the need to ensure rapid time to value and adherence to the security framework of the [...]

How We Innovate Alumni Management

by in 3rd October 2016

One of the first conversations we have with potential customers is that we typically shy away from bespoke implementations, custom widgets or acting on "we really need x functionality" ... and instead we talk about [...]

How SuccessFactors Enables Partners To Deliver “Epic”

by in 29th September 2016

Watch this brilliant 3 minute video with Mike Ettling and Holger Mueller explaining how SuccessFactors is enabling partners to deliver innovation and agility to customers within a stable, secure and managed environment. The platform based app approach allows [...]

Why Boomerang Rehire Programs Rank #2 In Producing High-Quality Hires

by in 5th September 2016

An insightful article from Dr John Sullivan from ERE on the value of Alumni programs: Other than referrals from your top-performing employees, it’s hard to find a corporate recruiting source with a higher quality of [...]

7 Reasons to Foster an Alumni Community

by in 21st August 2016

Recently, CIO Magazine wrote a piece entitled '7 reasons to hire back the right former employees.' Citing information from a 2015 Kronos study about changing mindsets, the survey of more than 1,800 human resources professionals and [...]

Moving Corporate Alumni Platform Provider and the Impact of “Lift & Shift”

by in 13th August 2016

Why are enterprises contacting us about moving their alumni program and platform? They are looking to move to a more unified, integrated and functional platform, future proofing the investment they make and finding the right tools [...]

What Does Fully Integrated Corporate Alumni Platform Mean?

by in 26th July 2016

When we talk about Alumni Management for the Large Enterprise, we often talk about "fully integrated" ... or how Alumni Management is a platform not an application. This differentiation is important for a number of reasons. Whilst [...]

McKinsey & Company : Alumni Values

by in 16th July 2016

Brilliant to read the "About Us" of the McKinsey & Company Alumni Management Platform and see it being incorporated into the companies homepage: Our alumni number more than 30,000 and work in virtually every business [...]

Alumni Management: Let the Numbers do the Talking

by in 2nd July 2016

According to consensus, global annual spend on enterprise applications for Human Capital Management is set to experience double digit % growth to more than $75bn by the end of the decade. The sector is growing [...]

Can Alumni Networks Affect Stock Performance?

by in 26th June 2016

The US stock market has hovered around a record high of late. Share prices were advancing steadily until British voters decided in a referendum on June 23 to leave the European Union. Although polls showed a close [...]

Triple Bottom Line Reporting and the 3P’s

by in 21st May 2016

What is triple bottom line reporting? The accounting concept was developed by John Elkington to change the way businesses, non profits and governments measure sustainability and the performance of projects or policies. It expands the traditional reporting framework that [...]

Alumni, Not Deserters

by in 2nd May 2016

Companies are starting to understand that treating former employees like alumni rather than deserters makes for good business: You never know where your next client or piece of business or brand ambassador might come from but [...]

SAP Announces EnterpriseAlumni As Pinnacle Award Finalist

by in 1st April 2016

EnterpriseAlumni announced as the 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award Finalist for their commitment to helping our mutual customers run simple in the category "Application Development Partner Of The Year" in the platform category alongside our colleagues [...]

41% Of Workers Will Be Contractors / Consultants by 2017

by in 17th March 2016

A brilliant report and insight into the changing landscape of the contingent workforce by Ardent Partners delivered many notable predictions and statistics. In addition to the global cultural value of a Corporate Alumni Program there [...]

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