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Building A Successful Company Alumni Program

Building a thriving company alumni program takes a bit of creativity and a reliable stream of data – the intersection of art and science. With 5 generations of users to attract and engage, data is necessary […]

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SAP SuccessFactors: Why Partner With EnterpriseAlumni

In an interview during HR conference Success Connect last week, Mark Brandau, Vice President of Solution Mangement of SAP SuccessFactors, talked about why SAP has chosen to partner with EnterpriseAlumni for Alumni Management, this crucial […]

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Alumni Association: Should It Live In HR or Marketing?

Over the past year or so, I have spent many hours with individuals working at medium to large organizations talking about the virtues of implementing and managing an alumni association.  These individuals range from C-Suite […]

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An Alumni Group Is The Last Step Of An Employee Experience

Without an engaged Alumni Group of former employees, an organization cannot have a complete end-to-end employee experience. If businesses want to create a robust and forward-thinking Total Workforce Management strategy, their alumni must be part of […]

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Boomerang Employees – 3 Reasons To Rehire And 2 Reasons To Avoid Them

By David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom  Throughout the years, the two of us have heard countless stories of regret from managers who let stellar employees slip through their fingers. These managers often turn to us […]


Your Alumni Network Is Your Net Worth

Why do I end all my articles with the words, “Your network is your net worth”? It’s because who you know – and how you treat them – dwarfs every other strategy you could possibly […]

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Corporate Alumni Program: Best Practices

Engaging Alumni is not a new topic, learning the best practices that have enabled some of the worlds leading organizations to grow, engage and gain value from their Alumni community allows your organization to benefit […]

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The Strategic Advantage of Retirees as Mentors

Employees in the current talent landscape hold a lot of leverage when it comes to employment, putting employers on notice. It’s not about simply getting them in the doors, however, employers must be strategic and […]

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Why Alumni Relations Is Part Of Workplace Culture

Workplace culture and Alumni Relations used to be two separate conversations, with neither interacting with each other – one is focused on the retentions of current employees whilst the other is focused on the Alumni […]

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7 Of The Best Corporate Alumni Networks

Discover the Best Corporate Alumni Networks leading the market, with their commitment to innovation, driving alumni engagement and ensuring a strong relationship between Alumni and their prior employer. These Alumni Networks represent companies who are […]