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A Win-Win: The Independent Professional Has More to Offer

by in 21st August 2017

Gone are the days when professionals stayed with a single company throughout their careers. Not only is the modern workplace less traditional, it's also less predictable. And while this may seem to be a strain [...]

The Skills Gap is Costing Companies Nearly $1 Million Annually

by in 7th August 2017

More than two thirds of employers who said they were increasing their number of employees in Q1 currently have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates It's one of today's most vexing economic [...]

The State of Corporate Alumni 2017 : Survey Results

by in 31st July 2017

Following on from our global survey of business alumni and the companies they work for, we are pleased to share the most in-depth and invaluable insights collated to date that enables a more engaging relationship [...]

Corporate Alumni Tribes: Your Most Valuable Untapped Resource

by in 24th July 2017

In 2015, Millennials overtook Generation X as the largest generation in the workforce. This development changed corporate focus from meeting the needs of their Generation X workers to understanding the expectations of Millennials. While attracting [...]

Kirkland & Ellis embraces alumni—current and future

by in 15th June 2017

By Claire Bushey Kirkland & Ellis is formalizing its alumni network to win new business and recruit law students. The firm, one of Chicago's oldest and richest, always has maintained an informal network of attorneys who worked [...]

Alumni Association: 7 Reasons to Create a Community

by in 21st April 2017

Recently, CIO Magazine recognized the importance of Alumni Associations and wrote a piece entitled '7 reasons to hire back the right former employees.' Citing information from a 2015 Kronos study about changing mindsets, the survey of [...]

Alumni: The Untapped Workforce

by in 11th March 2017

One of the great advantages of your Alumni Talent Pool is that you have qualified data around their performance, competencies and learnings ... all validated and confirmed. That's gold dust. The reduction in cost for your [...]

EnterpriseAlumni : Focus On Product Not Infra….

by in 20th February 2017

  Dan Lahl - VP, Product Marketing at SAP LinkedIn / Twitter   In his recent article, Dan talks about why companies like EnterpriseAlumni that provide extension applications into the enterprise are attracted to PaaS/IaaS [...]

Four Reasons to Invest in a Corporate Alumni Network

by in 10th February 2017

In September 2014 as a follow up to his book "The Alliance" Reid Hoffman shares why creating a corporate alumni network will strengthen a companies recruiting and talent brand, network intelligence gathering and customer referrals. [...]

Alumni: 2017 Technologies Worth Watching

by in 27th January 2017

EnterpriseAlumni is delighted to be named as an HR Tech company to watch in 2017 for our work to reimagine recruitment, boomerang hires, and alumni engagement by RecruitingDaily: There’s never been a more exciting time [...]

Our Customers Are Our Tribe – The Alumni Community

by in 18th December 2016

Much has been written about tribes and pack behavior in the context of business. Your network is your net worth. How who you mix with impacts your personal and professional career path. Why surrounding yourself [...]

Lufthansa Expands Alumni Relationships Program

by in 13th December 2016

Lufthansa Group goes live with EnterpriseAlumni to manage, engage and maintain their Alumni Relationships across the organization and its subsidiaries. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- EnterpriseAlumni, the market-leading Alumni Management Platform to Enterprises [...]

A Successful Company Alumni Program Requires Giving Without Expecting To Receive

by in 12th November 2016

As the saying goes, give and ye shall receive. Adam Grant, Wharton's highest rated professor and author of Givers and Takers, uses profound research to explain how to succeed. Be a giver, contribute to others without [...]

HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market

by in 24th October 2016

Recently Josh Bersin the Principal of Bersin By Deloitte released their annual perspective on the HR market: Alumni engagement as part of the HR process and delivering value to the entire organization was highlighted a [...]

Alumni Management: Security, Compliance and Support

by in 11th October 2016

One of the current largest hurdles for large enterprises is bringing new technology into the organization: The requirements of IT and the need to ensure rapid time to value and adherence to the security framework of the [...]

How We Innovate Alumni Management

by in 3rd October 2016

One of the first conversations we have with potential customers is that we typically shy away from bespoke implementations, custom widgets or acting on "we really need x functionality" ... and instead we talk about [...]

How SuccessFactors Enables Partners To Deliver “Epic”

by in 29th September 2016

Watch this brilliant 3 minute video with Mike Ettling and Holger Mueller explaining how SuccessFactors is enabling partners to deliver innovation and agility to customers within a stable, secure and managed environment. The platform based app approach allows [...]

A Boomerang Hire Is A More Valuable Employee

by in 5th September 2016

For many organizations, the decision or spark to start an Alumni program is the tremendous value of the talent pool and ability to rehire ex-employees (Boomerang Hire). An insightful article from Dr John Sullivan from [...]

Alumni Directory: The Evolution To Platform

by in 13th August 2016

An Alumni Directory is how many organizations started keeping tabs of their ex-employees, however as the Alumni market has matured and the needs of the Alumni are better understood, many organizations are seeking to move [...]

What Does Corporate Alumni Platform Mean?

by in 26th July 2016

When we talk about a Corporate Alumni Platform for the Large Enterprise, we often talk about "fully integrated", the requirement for the enterprise that the Alumni Platform works as part of the ecosystem, not as a [...]

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