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Does A Corporate Alumni Program Need A Community Manager #CMGR?

For many organizations, appointing a dedicated Alumni Community Manager (CMGR) only comes after the program has shown some degree of success. The conundrum, however, is that to see this success, there has to be someone […]

Release Updates

No Code Integration: EnterpriseAlumni x Salesforce x Microsoft Teams

The EnterpriseAlumni Platform is built with extensibility and integration at its core, enabling out the box delivery of three core functions: No Code Integrations into 200+ applications Universal Platform Connector to additional applications Suite of […]

Corporate Alumni

Why Explore Professional Mentorship Programs In Your Alumni Engagement Strategy

Many successful business executives attest to the vital role that mentorship has played in their career progress. This is validated by the fact that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have professional mentorship programs in place, […]

Corporate Alumni

Uncovering The Many Faces Of The Corporate Alumni Network

When it comes to ex-employees, out of sight out of mind should not be an echoing sentiment. These days, an exit interview no longer signals the end of the relationship between organizations and their workforce. […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Why You Need To Invest In Employees Who Leave Your Organization

In this episode of The Positive Leadership Movement Podcast, James and Alex, a positive work culture expert, explore the concept of high-quality connections in the workplace.

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Hire Perfect Employees For Your Business

On the Culture Building Like A Pro Podcast, Dionna and James talk about why businesses can’t settle for just being a good company.

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Enterprise HR Tech, COVID, & Alumni Engagement

In this episode of People Talk, Ryan and James discuss the big white spaces that appear when people leave the organizations they work for.

Corporate Alumni

Show Me The Money: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)

When a star employee leaves in search of greener pastures the loss of talent can be a big challenge to overcome internally. However, you can turn this loss into an opportunity by recruiting them for […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Network Today

In this episode of the Career Warrior Podcast, Chris and James hash out ideas around the power of a corporate alumni network.

Corporate Alumni

Why Corporate Alumni Are Integral Players In Employee Development

In planning for future business advancement, organizations must look to their most valuable assets: their employees. The investment has already been made into hiring, onboarding, and getting them working to organizational standards, the next challenge […]