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Can Alumni Networks Affect Stock Performance?

The US stock market has hovered around a record high of late. Share prices were advancing steadily until British voters decided in a referendum on June 23 to leave the European Union. Although polls showed a close […]

Corporate Alumni

Triple Bottom Line Reporting and the 3P’s

What is triple bottom line reporting? The accounting concept was developed by John Elkington to change the way businesses, non profits and governments measure sustainability and the performance of projects or policies. It expands the traditional reporting framework that […]

Corporate Alumni

Alumni Association: A Talent Pool To Be Embraced

Why Start An Alumni Association? The rise in Alumni Associations, comes as companies are starting to understand that treating former employees like alumni rather than deserters makes for good business: You never know where your […]

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EnterpriseAlumni & SAP Alumni Relationship

EnterpriseAlumni & SAP Alumni Relationship enables SAP Customers to engage their former employees to drive sales, recruiting and brand advocacy. EnterpriseAlumni was announced as the SAP Pinnacle Award Finalist for their commitment to helping our […]

Corporate Alumni

Alumni As A Contingent Workforce

What Is A Contingent Workforce? Contingent workers are people who are not on the company payroll but provide services to an organization, such as contractors, consultants, temps and advisers. Why Should Companies Use Alumni As […]