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Why Most College / University Alumni Programs Fail

The fundamental failure of Alumni programs (Corporate & Higher Ed) is they rarely started by asking “how can we serve our Alumni?” Worse still, they rarely engage with and interview their outliers.

Corporate Alumni

How Leveraging Alumni Networks Can Drive The Bottom Line

A recent study by Worksome in the UK revealed the importance of locating the right part-time staff with the right skills. The study showed that nearly two thirds (62%) of business directors know that freelancers […]


Building A Successful Alumni Community

When building a Corporate Alumni program, the ROI are critical to aligning this community to your business objectives, and the value drivers crucial to securing budget internally, but before your Alumni will serve you, you […]

Alumni Research

Alumni Research: Recruiting Value Of An Alumni Program

In this study, EnterpriseAlumni undertook a deep dive into how a series of customers are integrating their Alumni program into their current HR technologies to drive recruiting outcomes for the organization. The study found 5 […]

Corporate Alumni

Law Firm Alumni Networks: An Extension Of The Business

Law Firm Alumni Networks have become essential as companies recognize Alumni platforms can be an opportunity for sales, partnership and recruitment

Corporate Alumni

An Effective Business Alumni Program Impacts The Entire Organization

Alumni Engagement and the rise in Business Alumni Programs by organizations globally is leading to a better relationship between employers and their former employees – one that lasts their entire career. Video Transcript The Changing […]


2018 Alumni Market : In Review

2018 was the year Alumni Engagement went from “nice to have” to “must have” with Alumni ready to be engaged for recruitment, sales, business development and brand advocacy.

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Alumni Value: Is it real?

A recent survey highlighted the value an Alumni Program is having on their organization; including Microsoft, Taco Bell and Boston Consulting Group

Corporate Alumni

Alumni Definition: The Reality

The definition of Alumni is “An individual who has had a prior formal relationship with an organization of some form (corporate, non-profit, educational).”


Alumni Insights: Extended Value Of A Corporate Alumni Program

James Sinclair, Principal of EnterpriseAlumni: Introduction to the findings of the 2018 EnterpriseAlumni Survey identifying the value drives that engage an organizations Alumni community.