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Alumni Leadership Series: Engaging Corporate Alumni As Part Of Business Recovery

In this episode of the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni opens the floor to panelists Michael J Destefano, the Global Alumni Leader at EY, and Andrea Legnani, the Global Head of Alumni […]

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Why An Employee Experience Platform Is Crucial To Business Success

Let’s reflect on the employee lifecycle. We want you to consider that it begins at the candidate level and is completed when the person goes on to become enterprise alumni. This point is the gate […]


3 ways to accelerate your company’s speed to skill

And yes, one is alumni: hire boomerangs! Lots of ink has been spilled about the shortage of digital talent and how companies have to reengineer their recruitment and learning programs to attract and retrain staff […]

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Bringing In Your Corporate Retirees For Organizational Guidance During COVID-19 Crisis

It’s unprecedented times for the world as we navigate the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. Given the current complex business landscape, some organizations have called upon their corporate retirees temporarily to provide guidance through it. Here’s why […]

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Corporate Alumni Leaders: Phone Your Talent Acquisition Teams Now; They Need Your Alumni Army

This article is converted from an e-mail we sent to our Alumni Leaders Community and our customers. We wanted to broaden the conversation by posting this further and wider, knowing that a company’s workforce can […]

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Engaging Your Alumni Virtually – How To Transition Your In-Person Events Online

Virtual events and bringing people together in the comfort of their PJs is a pre-requisite to a strong Alumni program, whether this is small gatherings of like-minded people, fireside chats, or webinars. However, with the […]

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RecruitingAnimal: James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni – Corporate Alumni Management Platform

Learn how some of the world’s leading organizations fill up to 20% of their open requisitions in half the time by engaging their Alumni. 80% of your former employees would return to your organization, 25% […]

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How To Transform Alumni Into Powerful Brand Advocates Who Attract Talent To Your Business

Leading organizations across the globe enjoy greater ROI on recruiting programs when focusing on Known Person Recruiting. As a hiring methodology, this involves filling a role with a former employee, qualified referral, or candidate who […]

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SAP – Alumni Management: Corporate Alumni Solution For SAP Customers

How EnterpriseAlumni delivers a seamless SAP – Alumni Relationship For Customers Delivering SAP Customers a simple SAP x Alumni Experience to rapidly extend their SAP footprint with native integrations to EnterpriseAlumni. The combination of SAP […]

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10 Reasons Why Boomerang Employees Are Your Company’s Most Valuable Human Resource

It is safe to say that most people in the world have received an unsolicited recruitment email in their inboxes at some point. While this is common practice, how effective is this strategy in really […]