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8 Considerations For Managing A Corporate Alumni Community 

Managing a corporate alumni community means organizations keep in touch with their alumni, engaging them on a single platform through relevant content, company initiatives, and events.  This lucrative pool of former employees automatically becomes a […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: “The First 90 Days” With BlackRock Alumni

Thank you to our guest speakers: Jillian Caffrey, Alumni Network Manager at BlackRock joining hosts Phil Sanford, VP of Customer Success and Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO at EnterpriseAlumni. Five Things We Learned About Starting Your […]

Corporate Alumni

6 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Alumni Network Platform For Your Business

Establishing a corporate alumni network is proven to be a highly effective way to enhance organizational capabilities. This includes employee recruitment, workforce flexibility, knowledge retention, and organizational culture.  A corporate alumni network is also a […]

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Why Ukrainians Need UK Business to Step Up Refugee Support

By Emma Sinclair via ERP Today My father’s side of the family came to the UK from Ukraine. When they arrived in east London more than a century ago, fleeing persecution and pogroms, there were […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: Ukraine Business Consortium

Thank you to our guest speakers: Joumanna Bercetche, CNBC Anchor; Anna Jones, co-founder and CEO at RefuAid; Sarah Roberts, Head of Talent at Mulberry; Edmund King OBE, President at The AA; and Emma Sinclair MBE, […]

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Ukraine Business Consortium: Ian King, Sky News & Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO at EnterpriseAlumni

Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO of EnterpriseAlumni joins Ian King on Sky News to discuss the partnership with RefuAid and many prominent UK companies to provide opportunities for refugees. More than 10 million people have been […]

Alumni Research

Boomerang Hires: How To Leave the Door Open For Employees And Ensure Their Smooth Return

By David Morel via Forbes Sometimes the talent you’re looking for is nearer and more familiar than you think. In the past, welcoming back a former employee might have been a no-go. However, it’s now […]

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How To Expand and Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Referral Network

Your corporate alumni network is a powerful tool for your business – it’s simply a case of unleashing its potential. As a community manager, part of your job is to expand and leverage the organization’s […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: Employer Branding and the Alumni Opportunity with McDonald’s

Thank you to our guest speakers: Kieran Layton, Director of Employer Brand Strategy at McDonald’s and Harriet Minter, Journalist and Author of “WFH (Working From Home).” Five Things We Learned About Why Alumni Are Great […]

Corporate Alumni

5 Reasons Your Clients Celebrate When You Rehire Laid-Off Employees

Rehiring laid off employees can have many benefits for your business; benefits that influence how your customers feel about your brand and their willingness to engage with it.  We were reminded of this sentiment recently […]