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Corporate Alumni

The Alumni Network: Today’s Workers Want Multiple Income Streams

The Alumni Network is no longer an online address book or a social gathering for ex-employees, for the changing workforce, the Alumni network is an opportunity to expand ones network, access projects and drive individual […]


Corporate Alumni & SAP

James Sinclair, the CEO of EnterpriseAlumni discusses why it is so important for global customers that their vendors are on a robust, secure and mission-critical platform that can also deliver global data compliance across all […]

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Pearson Alumni Launches Global Network

Our alumni will always be an important part of Pearson’s wider community. Today, we are proud to launch the Pearson Alumni Network, a community designed to help our former employees stay connected to our company, each other, and the ideas shaping the world of education.

Corporate Alumni

Alumni Company Leader: EnterpriseAlumni

We are thrilled that our customers chose to recognize EnterpriseAlumni as the Alumni Company leading the market for our platforms focus on customer success through agility and continuos innovation. From our inclusion in corporate alumni […]


Company Alumni Program: Success Starts With Empathy.

The delivery of a successful Alumni network starts and ends with empathy; Asking yourself and your community “what is true value and how can we deliver it?”


Boomerang Hires : Women Returners

Julianne Miles, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Women Returners, discusses the benefits of hiring senior professionals back into the workforce following a career break.

Corporate Alumni

Top 10 Best Corporate Alumni Networks

When choosing a company to work for, employees are starting to place a priority on which potential employers have the best corporate alumni networks and therefore highlight a relationship for life. Why? Employees recognize that […]


Mental Wellness: a priority during the fourth industrial

Social isolation is increasingly common as individuals mix with ever-growing numbers of people. It’s critically helpful for people to be able to foster ties to groups that they already know and can maintain links with. Being part of an alumni group – where individuals are aligned by a common set of experiences or shared characteristics – is a key part of this.

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Understanding The Alumni Experience

The recent Bersin by Deloitte: Top Of Mind report recognizes “The Alumni relationship extends the employee experience for a lifetime” and highlights four key areas organizations must be considering to deliver a valuable Alumni Experience: […]


Alumni: Engaging and attracting the talent you have already invested in

The war for talent has become the status quo and we know this is unlikely to change over the coming decade. According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment in the UK is now the […]