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Corporate Alumni Engagement

The Corporate Alumni Engagement study was undertaken to research the various stakeholders that engage in a companies Alumni network and the value drivers/needs that generated engagement and value for both the former employee and the […]

Corporate Alumni

Alumni Relations: Make Your Program Opt-Out vs Opt-In

Alumni Relations: Communicating To Employees You are running your companies Alumni Relations program and you want to build a thriving Alumni community? Do you want to drive the value and culture of an Alumni community […]

Corporate Alumni

University Alumni vs Corporate Alumni: Is there really much of a difference?

Are all Alumni networks an incredible asset? Yes. Are all alumni equal? Yes. Are all alumni platforms and functions the same? Absolutely not. University Alumni have different values than Corporate Alumni but require the same […]

Corporate Alumni

Alumni Community: Do I Have To Choose LinkedIn vs Alumni Software?

To best manage and engage an alumni community, companies need both alumni software and a presence on social networks. Their co-existence is symbiotic and gives a competitive edge. A strong presence on social networks counts. LinkedIn has over […]

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Deploying An Alumni Platform For Global Organizations

Not every Alumni Platform is created equal and when deploying a Corporate Alumni Solution to a global company, it needs to be as simple as possible for everybody: The company and the Alumni. And it needs […]

Corporate Alumni

Refugees: A Future Talent We Cannot Afford To Loose

Our business is all about people. The people who work for us, the customers we work for, the alumni and corporates who use our platform. And we consider Corporate Social Responsibility to be integrated into […]


The State of Corporate Alumni: Survey Results

Corporate Alumni are the most qualified sales and talent pool on the earth. Understanding what drives them to engage with former employers combined with how best to deliver it, is a competitive advantage for enterprises […]

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Blockchain: Bringing HR Into the Digital Universe

What is blockchain technology and how does it impact business alumni? In simple terms, participants in a blockchain can share digitized information without the participation of an intermediary. For example, if you want to conduct […]

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Why Sodexo Doesn’t Say Goodbye to Exiting Employees

The results of Sodexo’s corporate alumni program are celebration-worthy. Its community has grown to 8,000 members. And 20% of external hires have been from Reconnexions which puts the program in the top percentile of corporate […]

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Alumni Management & GDPR Compliance

For EnterpriseAlumni customers, compliance is provided as a service within the solution, ensuring that at all times the services offered meet all global compliance and inclusion requirements. Our compliance center is up to data with all […]