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October 28th 2020, 11am GMT+0000

The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program

Building a business case to launch an Alumni Program or trying to create additional budget for your existing program? Why do Alumni Communities for many organizations seem like a disposable nice to have vs a […]

August 5th 2020, 12pm GMT+0000

Positive Leadership Movement: Why You Need to Invest in Employees Who Leave Your Organization

Why You Need to Invest in Employees Who Leave Your Organization w/James Sinclair. It’s no secret that we need to invest in talent. But what happens when employees leave? Usually, we just wave goodbye. But, […]

August 4th 2020, 12pm GMT+0000

Culture Building Like A Pro: Hire Perfect Employees for Your Business

What if you could hire the absolute best employees for your company. Employees who aren’t only the perfect fit for your culture, but it takes them little to no time to learn the business & […]

July 31st 2020, 7am GMT+0000

People Talk: Enterprise HR Tech, COVID, & Alumni Engagement

James Sinclair, Chief Executive @ EnterpriseAlumni and Ryan O’Donnell, CEO at EmployUs discuss EnterpriseAlumni Founder Talks Enterprise HR Tech, COVID, & Alumni Engagement Originally Posted: You can find more research and insights on alumni […]

July 27th 2020, 12pm GMT+0000

Career Warrior Podcast: Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Career Warrior Podcast: Your Network Is Your Net Worth In this episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast, we hash out ideas around the power of a corporate alumni network. Coworkers aren’t just […]

July 10th 2020, 12pm GMT+0000

Ruh Global Impact: Expanding Your Talent Pool With Alumni

James Sinclair, Chief Executive at EnterpriseAlumni, joins the program to discuss how companies and organizations can expand their talent pool through hiring alumni talent. EnterpriseAlumni is the market-leading Alumni & Retiree Management Platform for the […]

July 2nd 2020, 12pm GMT+0000

Pavestep: Why alumni networks are critical to your talent supply

Harrison interviews James from EnterpriseAlumni about how to manage, engage and nurture your Alumni community. 1. What is the importance of having an alumni program from the organization’s perspective?2. How can companies effectively establish alumni […]

June 29th 2020, 5pm GMT+0000

Engage For Success: Why Alumni Networks are Critical to our Talent Supply

Special Guest: James Sinclair: Chief Executive at EnterpriseAlumniHost: Jo Moffatt EnterpriseAlumni counts customers like LinkedIn, Nestle, HSBC, Wells-Fargo, P&G, CenturyLink, Coca-Cola among others, who have trusted the platform to manage, engage and nurture their Alumni […]

June 15th 2020, 9pm GMT+0000

The People Leaders Podcast: Talent Retention With A Difference

In this episode, we interview James Sinclair, the Chief Executive of EnterpriseAlumni. His primary role is in recruitment but he is really making a name for himself teaching organisations how to maintain relationships with staff […]

June 13th 2020, 1am GMT+0000

Dan Smolen Experience: Alumni Communities and Meaningful Work

Forward thinking companies that furloughed large numbers of workers are using alumni communities to engage their cast-offs through skill development, help finding work at other companies, and offers to return to the fold in new […]