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Why Deloitte Never Says Goodbye to Talent: They’re Colleagues For Life

It’s fair to say that Deloitte knows what it’s doing in the HR space. After all, this is a multinational professional services network with offices in 150+ countries and territories. As such, it’s good to […]

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2021 Retention Stats & How Often Do People Change Jobs (+ A New Take On Retention)

How often do people change jobs in 2021? The short answer to this question is a lot. The slightly longer answer to this question is – a lot, but this is not necessarily bad for […]

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5 Expert Tips For Optimal Alumni Network Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is somewhat of a silver bullet for effective communication when it comes to your corporate alumni community. After all, communities like these include individuals from vastly different generations, employment levels, careers, locations, and […]

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Employee To Alumnus: Why Develop Career Paths For Your Top Talent

It’s no secret. Businesses that focus on developing employee career paths see better retention in the long term. When employees have a clearer view of their career progression at a place of work, they tend […]

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How To Strengthen Your Alumni Community Management To Boost Network Engagement

In COVID times and while working from home, business communities can feel somewhat disbanded. It’s difficult to get in the same room as your peers, and in-person work events that previously brought people together are […]

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Gone, but not forgotten: how corporate alumni networks pay off

In a tighter labor market, companies should pay closer attention to offboarding alumni, as “boomerang” hires can yield substantial benefits for businesses. The labor market is rapidly thawing and organizations across the globe face difficulties not just in hiring new staff, but […]

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10 Best Exit Interview Questions To Ask (+ what comes next)

What type of exit interview questions do you ask departing employees? The employee offboarding process is as important as the initial onboarding proceedings (if not more so!) in terms of HR management in 2021 and […]

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How To Involve Corporate Alumni In Your Business CSR Programs

CSR is coming to the fore for many innovative companies in 2021. Whether your business has programs within your local community or further afield, these are often draw cards for attracting top talent. Getting involved […]

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How Alumni Can Help Uncover The Value Of Contingent Workers

With the growth of the gig economy and contingent workforce – propelled in part by the pandemic – talent now comes in many forms. Organizations have to recreate their workforce to include contingent workers alongside […]

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IDC Research: The Business Impact of Corporate Alumni Networks

Organizations are prioritizing corporate alumni networks. IDC’s recent research report on the Business Impact of Corporate Alumni Networks sets out how companies are urgently realizing that maintaining a lifelong relationship with departing employees delivers competitive […]