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Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: Harvard Business Review: Turn Departing Employees Into Loyal Alumni

In this episode of the Alumni Leaders Podcast, James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni welcomes panelists Erin Makarius, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the College of Business at the University of Akron, and Alison Dachner, Ph.D., Associate Professor […]

Alumni Research

HR Technology 2021 | Josh Bersin

In the Josh Bersin HR Technology 2021 Report, Josh recognizes the importance of Alumni as part of the employee journey. He goes onto name EnterpriseAlumni as the critical tool to make it easy for HR […]

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Why Marks & Spencer is unlocking the power of Alumni

Few would argue the benefits that come from an engaged workforce, particularly in retail, which is fundamentally a people business and the UK’s biggest private-sector employer. To win in a competitive market, you need brilliant […]

Alumni Research

Harvard Business Review: Turn Departing Employees Into Loyal Alumni

Despite the high rate of churn in the labor market today, many companies pay scant attention to offboarding employees. Drawing on their scholarly research and interviews with HR professionals, the authors recommend a number of […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

Transforming How Companies Engage Former Employees

In this episode of Leaders of Transformation Podcast, James and Nicole, talk about the importance of belonging, empathy and value based employment.

Listen to business leaders share how they are transforming the marketplace by disrupting traditional practices and offering new and better solutions.

Corporate Alumni

How To Build A Corporate Alumni Network: 7 Steps To An Engaged Community

Building an alumni network can seem like a mammoth undertaking, and you would be right to think that. The type of corporate alumni community that drives value and opportunity does not spring up overnight. However, […]

Corporate Alumni

Redefining Employee Retention With Lifelong Alumni Ambassadorship

There has been a lot of focus on employee retention in HR circles of late, and with good reason. High rates of elective employee turnover are expensive and inconvenient, not to mention look bad for […]

Alumni Leaders Podcast

How An Alumni Program Enables Organizations To Rapidly Tap Into Qualified & Pre-Screened Talent

In this episode of the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, James Sinclair, Principal of EnterpriseAlumni is joined by expert panelist, Kathi Enderes, Vice President of Research at the Josh Bersin Academy. Over the hour, they discuss […]

Corporate Alumni

Why Internal Alumni Program Support Is Crucial To Drive Enrollment & Ongoing Engagement

No modern-day business can live up to its potential without alumni program support. However, because this process lies on the far side of the employee experience, companies tend to forget one very important thing – […]

Corporate Alumni

Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Program As A Tool For Recruiting Millennials

Recruiting millennials can be a tall order. Known as the job-hopping generation, they change companies three times more often than members of other generations, according to a recent Gallup report. In fact, their turnover cost […]