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Law Firm Alumni Networks: An Extension Of The Business

by in 11th January 2019

Law Firm Alumni Networks have become essential. Law firms know that building a relationship for life with the people who worked for them can open doors, build communities and create a vibrant, mutually beneficial alumni [...]

An Effective Business Alumni Program Impacts The Entire Organization

by in 27th December 2018

Alumni Engagement and the rise in Business Alumni Programs by organizations globally is leading to a better relationship between employers and their former employees - one that lasts their entire career. Video Transcript The Changing [...]

Boomerang Employees: The Alumni Advantage

by in 25th December 2018

The Boomerang Employee was once taboo but is now a growing recruiting trend. Companies are engaging their Alumni in an effort to woo them back to their organization. One recent study found that 8% of people [...]

Alumni Value: Is it real?

by in 6th December 2018

Does an Alumni program actually deliver value? A recent Quartz@Work survey highlighted four companies with Alumni programs and the value it is having on their organization, similar to the 2018 Corporate Alumni survey - the [...]

Alumni Definition: The Reality

by in 5th December 2018

Alumni: The Definition The new definition Of Alumni is "An individual who has had a prior formal relationship with an organization of some form (corporate, non-profit, educational)." The old definition according to Wikipedia for the [...]

A Regrettable Loss Can Be A Good Thing; Even An Opportunity

by in 20th November 2018

For companies establishing or enhancing their existing corporate Alumni platform, how they handle their 'regrettable losses,' defined as the loss of good people, is an important starting point. A customer recently told us that when a regrettable loss [...]

Alumni Software: Design With A Consumer Experience

by in 13th November 2018

Alumni Software: The Value Of Modern Design Delivering Alumni Software with engagement, the holy grail of any community platform - Alumni who are actually engaged in the experience requires recognizing that Alumni Engagement comes from [...]

Alumni : Moving from Employee to Customer

by in 6th November 2018

Engaging your Alumni to drive bottom-line impact in the retail and food-service industry For companies in the retail industry, whether in food service, fashion or a brick and mortar focused chain, the importance of an [...]

The Alumni Network: Today’s Workers Want Multiple Income Streams

by in 8th October 2018

The Alumni Network is no longer an online address book or a social gathering for ex-employees, for the changing workforce, the Alumni network is an opportunity to expand ones network, access projects and drive individual [...]

Extending SuccessFactors : Accenture & EnterpriseAlumni

by in 20th September 2018

Join Tobias Block of Accenture Technology & James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni as they introduce the concept of SAP SuccessFactors extensions and how partners globally are delivering last mile solutions to SAP customers enabling them to [...]

Pearson Alumni Launches Global Network

by in 20th September 2018

Pearson plc partners with global alumni leader EnterpriseAlumni to deploy a first of its kind network for the Education Community. NEW YORK, NY (September 20, 2018) – Pearson, the digital learning company, today announced the launch [...]

Alumni Company Leader: EnterpriseAlumni

by in 18th September 2018

We are thrilled that our customers chose to recognize EnterpriseAlumni as the Alumni Company leading the market for our platforms focus on customer success through agility and continuos innovation. From our inclusion in corporate alumni [...]

Company Alumni Program: Success Starts With Empathy.

by in 12th September 2018

Company Alumni: In Summary TLDR; The delivery of a successful Company Alumni network starts and ends with empathy; Asking yourself and your community “what is true value and how can we deliver it?” The best [...]

Boomerang Hires : Women Returners

by in 31st August 2018

While the benefits of engaging with alumni who are currently in the workforce (boomerang hires) are increasingly well documented, as well as engaging the retiree community, what is less obvious is that there are also [...]

The Top 10 Best Alumni Networks

by in 19th August 2018

When choosing a company to work for, employees are starting to place a priority on which potential employers have the best alumni networks. Why? Employees recognize that their careers will include a number of employers [...]

Mental Wellness: a priority during the fourth industrial

by in 6th August 2018

Today’s workforce is more mobile. People are more transitory, often hopping from career to career in the hope of better prospects. Not only are they seeking a better remuneration package, but a healthily working environment [...]

Understanding The Alumni Experience

by in 1st August 2018

The recent Bersin by Deloitte: Top Of Mind report recognizes "The Alumni relationship extends the employee experience for a lifetime" and highlights four key areas organizations must be considering to deliver a valuable Alumni Experience: [...]

Alumni: Engaging and attracting the talent you have already invested in

by in 22nd July 2018

The war for talent has become the status quo and we know this is unlikely to change over the coming decade. According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment in the UK is now the [...]

The Power Of Corporate Alumni Networks

by in 28th June 2018

The Power Of Alumni Networks What do Tesla, YouTube, and LinkedIn all have in common? Apart from being three of the highest profile and most innovative brands of the past decade, they were all created [...]

Building A Successful Company Alumni Program

by in 27th June 2018

Building a thriving company alumni program takes a bit of creativity and a reliable stream of data - the intersection of art and science. With 5 generations of users to attract and engage, data is necessary [...]

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