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How An Alumni Program Enables Organizations To Rapidly Tap Into Qualified & Pre-Screened Talent

James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelist Kathi Enderes on the rapid adoption and importance of organizations maintaining a relationship with their former employees via a Corporate Alumni […]

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Why Internal Alumni Program Support Is Crucial To Drive Enrollment & Ongoing Engagement

No modern-day business can live up to its potential without alumni program support. However, because this process lies on the far side of the employee experience, companies tend to forget one very important thing – […]

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Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Program As A Tool For Recruiting Millennials

Recruiting millennials can be a tall order. Known as the job-hopping generation, they change companies three times more often than members of other generations, according to a recent Gallup report. In fact, their turnover cost […]

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Is Your Business Capitalizing On Its Corporate Alumni Talent Pool?

Your corporate alumni talent pool is a goldmine. By now, most HR professionals realize that an alumni program can promote and protect an employer brand and even serve as a critical step on the road […]


Leveraging Your Alumni Community To Drive Value & Opportunity

In this episode of the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni hosts expert panelist Jono Bacon, a leading community and collaboration speaker, author, and podcaster, to talk about what Community 2.0 means. Panelist: […]

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The 2020 Importance Of Alumni Relations

Ask anyone what they have learned this year, and the importance of relationships is likely to top the list. It is no different for businesses, where their employee relationships have really come to the forefront. […]

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How To Survey Your Network To Supercharge Alumni Engagement

A powerful thing for businesses to do when they are looking to supercharge engagement in their alumni networks is to survey the people in them. Essentially, conducting an alumni survey is a complementary method of […]

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How To Pivot Your Alumni Outreach Strategy To Support Business Recovery

Understandably, business recovery is on just about every business owner’s mind at the moment; there is little that COVID-19 has not impacted in some way. Temporary business closures are turning into permanent closures throughout the […]

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The Job Of An Alumni Network: How To Ensure It’s A Value Driver For Your Community

When your alumni turn to your community to achieve one of their goals, consider why they decided this was their best option; what was the value driver? Think about the job that they are hiring […]

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The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program

Building a business case to launch an Alumni Program or trying to create additional budget for your existing program? Why do Alumni Communities for many organizations seem like a disposable nice to have vs a […]