Alumni Discounts

The EnterpriseAlumni Marketplace delivers a closed-loop marketing program to deliver exclusive discounts (perks) to our network of companies and their former employees. The marketplace reaches over 3m corporate employees globally.

Why Deliver Alumni Benefits?

Not all Alumni are interested in news or events or returning to work for your organization, but discounts and deals from a network of high-value vendors provide savings, value, and engagement from the Alumni. A perk driving value from your organization to your former employees.

Where Do The Deals Come From?

Our network of vendors that provide deals into the program includes direct deals similar to EPP programs, our customers who opt to include a deal in the network, our Alumni population who work at companies and wish to add deals and our affiliate network community.

Can Anyone Access The Deals?

Access to Alumni Benefits is only available to approved users inside the Alumni application (closed-loop) and is not available publicly and is not picked up via search engines or other “deal aggregators”

What Regions Are Deals Located In?

Our Alumni Benefits module includes benefits from vendors around the world, including the ability for the same vendor to have different regional deal / deal codes.

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