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Alumni: The Untapped Workforce

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One of the great advantages of your Alumni Talent Pool is that you have qualified data around their performance, competencies and learnings ... all validated and confirmed. That's gold dust. The reduction in cost for your organization in temp contract or [...]
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10 Corporate Alumni Tips For 2017

As we dive into 2017 and with Corporate Alumni high on the radar of many organizations who want to tap into this vast pool of qualified people, here are ten top tips to help you create a vibrant and successful alumni [...]
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How We Innovate Alumni Management

One of the first conversations we have with potential customers is that we typically shy away from bespoke implementations, custom widgets or acting on "we really need x functionality" ... and instead we talk about the value of a unified [...]
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McKinsey & Company : Alumni Values

Brilliant to read the "About Us" of the McKinsey & Company Alumni Management Platform and see it being incorporated into the companies homepage: Our alumni number more than 30,000 and work in virtually every business sector in 120 countries. Through [...]
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Can Alumni Networks Affect Stock Performance?

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The US stock market has hovered around a record high of late. Share prices were advancing steadily until British voters decided in a referendum on June 23 to leave the European Union. Although polls showed a close race throughout the campaign, the [...]
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Triple Bottom Line Reporting and the 3P’s

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What is triple bottom line reporting? The accounting concept was developed by John Elkington to change the way businesses, non profits and governments measure sustainability and the performance of projects or policies. It expands the traditional reporting framework that entities are accustomed to, taking [...]
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Alumni, Not Deserters

Companies are starting to understand that treating former employees like alumni rather than deserters makes for good business: You never know where your next client or piece of business or brand ambassador might come from but it could well be your [...]
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