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    Integrate Alumni in to your HR landscape, immediately transform and expand your talent supply.

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  • The State of Alumni 2017 Survey Results Infographic

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    Results show Alumni are your most qualified sales and talent pool on Earth.

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  • What is EnterpriseAlumni?Corporate Alumni Management Platform
    Quickly expand your talent pools with candidates willing to return and are already familiar with your company.

    EnterpriseAlumni is a customizable corporate Alumni platform to manage your Alumni & Retiree community atop your existing HRIS solution, with deep integrations into existing Cloud, OnPremise & External applications. An easy to setup and manage platform to maintain up to date contact information and a simple and compelling way to gauge willingness to return.

    The platform provides company Alumni with a number of engaging features including content, access to employees, discount offers, events, marketplace, directory, learning and so much more. The platform provides a single interface for Alumni to maintain evergreen information, interest in returning to work and a host of other features including content, volunteer programs and continued education.

    Organizations can maintain a comprehensive profile of Alumni which can be integrated into internal recruitment to quickly search, identify and contact potential recruits against open requisitions, send contextual and relevant communications and deliver value for both the enterprise and the Alumni.

    See why the worlds leading organizations choose us:

    “EnterpriseJungle's platform strongly supports us in strengthening our relationships with our former employees”

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    “SAP had a seamless and successful experience collaborating with our innovative and agile partner”

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    For the Alumni



    to maintain up-to-date information and access to ticketing and pay data.



    that matters, when it matters to keep your alumni up to speed.



    events, forums, learning and webinars to deliver education & opportunities.



    to find colleagues, mentors or opportunities quickly and easily. And more...

    For the Organization



    Search & find Alumni to transform the talent supply and short circuit recruitment.



    CRM intelligence to expose evangelism, business development and sales opportunities.



    to include Alumni in your procurement platform and increase purchasing power.



    Gain deep insight into your talent community to identify trends and expose opportunities.

    Alumni as a Service

    The Alumni Management platform is built to allow maximum extensibility and interoperability across your existing landscape and software investments. Built in integrations into SAP, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Fusion, Taleo & Workday allow for rapid deployment and integrated workflows to drive automation allowing for minimum headcount to manage the Alumni community.

    Performance Purchasing Recruitment Contingent Evangelism Mentoring Marketing Social Content Sales Events

    SAP Alumni found that nearly 74% of their registered Alumni self-identified they were willing to return for contract work.

    Business Outcomes
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      Reduce recruitment
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      Reduce time to fill with availability of rehire pool
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      Improve talent retention insights
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      Increase utilization of PT, contract and project work
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      Reduce temporary contract / agency fees
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      Improve quality of rehire decisions - better fit & performance
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      Improve data accuracy - alumni and retirees
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      Improve knowledge transfer and sharing
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      Automated & Intelligent Alumni Management

      A single interface to manage the your entire Alumni platform and the relationship and communication you have with them. Intergrate with 3rd to party CMS systems, create contextual email newsletters and search for talent to fill specific jobs, succession requirements or for project based expertize.

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      How do you engage retirees and accelerate onboarding and top talent?

      The Mentor Marketplace module allows retirees to mentor rising talent providing insight, tribal knowledge and career advice enabling them to stay in contact with their employer. For the employee, having a mentor with rich company experience and insight provides a distinct advantage, enablement of personal goals and a human connection to someone vested in their success.

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      One Step Integration Into Offboarding...

      Allow colleagues leaving the company to join the Alumni network with one single step either as part of the SuccessFactors off boarding or a custom email. Increase platform enrollment and retention before the employee leaves the organization.

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      Search, Find & Explore and then.....

      Find me Alumni across a broad set of implicit and explicit criteria including integration into project teams and CRM. Take those results and create a custom group to push into Avature, Talent Communities, send me an email when this list changes or enable specific and custom communications. "Find me all Alumni willing to undertake contract work, have a specific skill, speak a language, have strong performance metrics and are available now".

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      Enable deep intelligence.

      Wondering when to reach out and recruit an Alumni - a system that identifies the best time and the most appropriate job to give deeper recruitment visibility. Enable deep intelligence to identify eligible candidates for existing roles inside the organization. Send automated invitations via. email or text, push into your CRM or start a direct conversation.

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      SuccessFactors Integration

      Enable access to Alumni management functions and features via roles and permissions in SuccessFactors. Integrate with Succession, Talent, Project Sourcing and access the admin directly from your homepage.
      (*SuccessFactors not required)


    The Alumni platform has built in integrations to interface directly with the suite HR Applications including SAP, SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo, Workday and more. In addition the solution also includes direct integrations to a number of the tools and applications our customers wish to extend into the Alumni Community ranging from content to social to CRM. EnterpriseAlumni has a restful API to allow Alumni data to be queried and embedded within 3rd party applications.

    And many more
    A message from the CEO of SAP...
    We all know the power of networks in this digital economy. Connections make us stronger and give us the ability to see the world through the unique perspectives of our connected peers. I’m very proud that thousands of women and men around the world shaped their own futures with SAP. The SAP Alumni Network is our opportunity to come together, to celebrate the company we love and to keep in touch with all the people who made it so special. An introduction letter to SAP Alumni
    Bill McDermott CEO, SAP

    For more information, to schedule a demo or gain access to our info sheets and other materials contact us:

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    Are you fully engaging your Alumni?

    Alumni are the greatest drivers of referral hires, sales leads, evangelism and much more! Get started today and establish a valuable, branded, corporate system to manage and connect with your corporate alumni.

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    Get Started Fast

    Simple, quick and seamless process to launch, manage and evolve your alumni platform. In a few clicks be ready to deliver content, directory, jobs, events, conversations and more to your Alumni community.
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    Engage Smart

    Your Alumni want content relevant to them, through intelligent groups, skill matching and other criteria you can Interact intelligently with your alumni. Delivering them content they want to consume.
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    Deliver Value

    Delivering value to your Alumni that adds value to your business from day one whether through evangelism, sales or recruitment.

    Collaborate with Alumni, utilizing a wide range of simple to use features.

    • Powerful Admin Dashboard
    • Automated Responsive Portal Design
    • Careers Integration
    • Events Management
    • Project Sharing
    • Alumni Blogs
    • Alumni Marketplace
    • News & Social Feeds
    • Email Marketing

    + Many more powerful features!

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